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Use Training to Boost Employee Satisfaction and Retention

There isn’t a company out there that can be complacent about employee retention. You’d be surprised at how many of your loyal employees would be open to a new job opportunity if it was presented to them. In fact, one study indicates that 73% of potential job candidates are what’s considered passive job seekers.* That is, they would entertain recruiting conversations if they were approached.

There isn’t a single tactic on its own that will build employee satisfaction and retention, but one thing is clear. You need to be intentional about supporting your employees so they can be successful in their work and providing ongoing training is one of them.

Employee Training to Improve Product or Service Delivery

Training enables your employees to walk along a path of improvement in how they do their jobs and ultimately improve how they play their part in delivering products and services to your customers. So the right training connects employee satisfaction and retention with customer satisfaction and retention.

Employee training enables and empowers your people, allowing them to keep their skills up to date but it’s also a way to challenge people who might otherwise become bored. And if an employee is bored and unengaged, wouldn’t they be more likely to respond to a recruiter?

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Training Should Stimulate Employee Engagement

If one of your goals for training is to keep people engaged, then you need to make sure that the training that you’re offering is going to be relevant and… well… engaging. As you’re evaluating training options, make sure that they’re based on the principles of adult learning and that individuals (and you as the employer) can determine that learning has really taken place.

Even when employees are open to training, incentives are a great way to keep people moving down a path of professional improvement. These incentives could include reimbursement for tests and certifications. Depending on your business and the industry you’re in, you may need to provide a time and a place for employees to go through training in their workday.

Create a Training Library

How you offer training is up to you but having a library of resources that managers and individual employees can pull off the shelf makes it a lot easier for everyone. When assembling your training resources, make sure you include technology basics like Microsoft 365 and cybersecurity.

Following is a list of free training resources to get you started. (The links will take you to YouTube videos and playlists.)

Microsoft 365

Cybersecurity Awareness

Need to Improve Your Technology Experience?

The experience that your employees — and customers — have with technology matters. If IT is a constant frustration and holding you back from meeting your goals, it’s time to up your game.

Contact us to find out what managed IT services can do for your business.Learn about managed IT services *Source:,the%20new%20job%20opportunities%20provided%20by%20active%20recruitment.