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IT Services for Healthcare Industry

Managed IT Services for Healthcare Providers

At XPERTECHS we understand that healthcare providers need more than just technical fixes; they require a trusted advisor. Our approach goes beyond basic IT support to equip your staff with the vital information they need, right at their fingertips – whether it’s a provider in a patient room or managing operations across multiple locations.

We act as a consultant to your internal IT team, providing a strategic roadmap that encompasses everything from security and HIPAA compliance to efficient cloud solutions. Our goal is to ensure that your healthcare services are seamless, secure, and always ahead of the curve.

More Know-How

Expertise in navigating HIPAA regulations and implementing secure data classification.

More Ideas

Innovative networking solutions for multi-location practices, ensuring secure and reliable communication and network connections.

More Commitment

A dedicated approach to understanding and addressing the unique IT needs of the healthcare industry.

Comprehensive IT Services for Healthcare

HIPAA Compliance & Data Security

Implementing stringent security measures to meet HIPAA standards and protect sensitive patient data. 

Advanced Networking for Multiple Locations

Expert networking solutions to connect different healthcare practice locations securely and seamlessly. 

Healthcare Application Expertise

Proficiency in the applications commonly used in healthcare, from electronic medical records to billing systems. 

Microsoft Modern Workplace

Utilizing Microsoft’s tools to facilitate collaboration and data management in healthcare settings. 

Cloud-Based Solutions

Cloud technologies for accessible, secure, and efficient data storage and management. 

Help Desk & Proactive IT Management

Prevent issues from becoming big problems and respond quickly when people need help. 

Data Backup & Recovery

Ensuring critical patient data is backed up securely and can be recovered swiftly in any eventuality. 

Automation in Operations

Streamlining medical records and billing processes through intelligent automation, enhancing overall operational efficiency. 

“We made the switch to XPERTECHS based on recommendations of other companies. They came up with a strategic adjustment plan for us that’s executable, and it’s not going to break the bank.”

“We face the same challenges as larger companies, but we don’t have a big IT staff or extensive development resources. I have enjoyed a 18 year association with XPERTECHS and have found them to provide superior technical support with HP and Microsoft systems.”

“I want to be at pace or ahead of the pace of the market in terms of technology,” said Bill. “In order to maintain that, you need somebody like XPERTECHS in your corner because you can’t rely on the knowledge of one or two IT people to keep you up to date.”

“What we liked about XPERTECHS was their ability to describe technical things to non-technical people in a way we could understand,” said Danielle. “I want to be able to understand what it does, but I don’t have to understand the way it works.”

“We talk with IT support a lot less and that in itself is a reason why everyone in the office and on our jobsites rave about them. They’re thrilled to be working with XPERTECHS.”

It’s Time to Up Your Game

We support healthcare organizations to act as your IT department or work alongside your internal IT staff. With our expertise in HIPAA compliance, healthcare-specific applications and secure networking, we help you focus more on patient care and less on IT challenges. Contact us to explore what this might look like for you.