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Microsoft Azure Services

Cloud Computing for Smarter, Secure Business Growth

Think of Microsoft Azure as your powerhouse in the cloud. It’s not just about storing data or running applications; it’s about giving your business the tools to build, deploy, and manage everything more smartly and securely. Whether you’re a small startup or an established business, Azure has the flexibility and reliability you need to scale up and keep moving forward.

Seamless Access Control

Easy and secure sign-on with Azure AD.

Work from Anywhere

Azure Virtual Desktop takes your office everywhere.

Protect Your Data

Keep your sensitive info safe with Azure Information Protection.

Azure Services for the Modern Workplace

Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory)

It’s all about secure access. Single sign-on and multi-factor authentication mean you can worry less about security breaches and focus more on your work.

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)

Imagine accessing your desktop and apps securely, no matter where you are. That’s the freedom Azure Virtual Desktop offers.

Windows 365 Cloud PC

Shift from traditional PCs to a cloud-based virtual environment, offering secure, device-independent access and enhanced productivity with Microsoft 365 integration.

Azure Information Protection

Your data is precious. Azure Information Protection helps you keep it that way with tools to classify, label, and protect your business information.
  • More Know-How: Tap into our extensive knowledge and experience as a certified cloud solutions provider to unlock enhanced efficiency, security, and innovation for your business in the cloud.
  • More Ideas: We help you uncover fresh ideas and innovative solutions that technology can bring to your business, revealing potential opportunities you might not have imagined.
  • More Commitment: With Azure, you’re not just signing up for a service; you’re gaining a partner who’s as invested in your success as you are. It’s about making sure your business thrives, not just survives.

It’s Time to Up Your Game

Azure is more than a cloud service; it’s a dynamic driver for the expansion and security of your business. With XPERTECHS as your partner, you can unlock our deep cloud expertise, explore innovative solutions, and benefit from unwavering commitment, so you can move forward with confidence. Ready to up your game? Let’s talk about how Azure can work for you.