Managed Cybersecurity

Protection for Your Data and Your Business

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Proactive Defense Against Cyber Threats

Identify and Assess Risks

We help you assess your risks and identify vulnerabilities, including remediation of third-party compliance audits.

Protect Your Assets

Our proactive tactics thwart attacks and your staff gets trained to recognize and respond to potential data breach incidents.

Detect and Respond

If a data breach occurs, we respond with a documented plan to stop the intrusion, and get you back up and running

The threat of cyber attack looms over every single organization that does business over the internet. Any sense of security that you might have that you won’t be a victim will not serve you in the long run. No matter the size or type of your business, you’re a target, and it’s not just your data and access to financial accounts that cyber criminals are after. They want to use you to get to bigger targets by way of your network connections.

At XPERTECHS, we understand that managing the risk of cyber attack is essential to managing overall business risk, so security is baked into XperCARE Managed IT Services. Our approach is based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) framework which provides best practices and guidelines for security activities, and speaks to the need for organizations to address cybersecurity at all levels of their organization.

What Cyber Criminals Want


As you think about the business information you keep, you may not think you have anything of value to cyber criminals - but you’re wrong. Data that is harvested from your email addresses, employee records, customer information, bank accounts and trade secrets is bought and sold on the dark web every day. Attacks are increasingly being targeted so that criminals can get access to your IT systems as an entryway to the organizations that are connected to your own IT network.

Technical and Human Layers of Cyber Security


The best cyber defense is layered with technical and human components. On the technical side we use software tools such as anti-malware, antivirus, anti-spam filters and monitoring to prevent and detect intrusions. We work with clients to develop policies to guide employee access to information and secure the devices they’re using. We make sure that reliable data backup and recovery is in place. By providing cyber security awareness training, we help clients lessen the risk of employees becoming victims of social engineering and other cyber criminal schemes.

XperCARE – How Security Fits in Managed IT Services


We support our clients’ needs for cybersecurity through XperCARE DEFEND Managed IT Services. We work with companies in many different industries, and we’re experienced in helping organizations interpret and remediate vulnerability audits for regulatory compliance like HIPAA and ITAR. By following security best practices, and facilitating discussions about managing cyber risk, our clients dramatically reduce the chances that they’ll experience the devastating impact of a data breach.

Cybersecurity is an important component of our XperCARE framework and supports our ultimate goal of helping organizations improve operations and achieve success.

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Close Up the Holes in Your Cyber Defenses

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