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Up Your IT Career Game

Looking for an IT Job That Connects With Your Calling?

You Love Working in IT for a Reason

Whether you discovered your aptitude for working with computers early or late in life, there’s a reason why it’s become your passion. You love the challenge of solving problems and of finding new ways to do things. Keeping up with the ever-changing technology landscape isn’t a chore for you. It’s a thrill.

Be Challenged

At XPERTECHS you’ll have the opportunity to work with a variety of technologies in different IT environments. Whether you’re trouble-shooting issues or designing IT improvements, you’ll encounter stimulating situations and challenges each day.

Grow Your Career

We support employee professional development and continuous learning. We provide training and encourage employees to attain certifications. Our people build their capabilities through their daily work and have opportunities to advance in the company.

Find Your Work Family

XPERTECHS is family owned and operated by two generations. There’s a transparency and open-door policy here that you won’t find in big corporations. Your input and contributions are valued, your work appreciated, and you’ll have a direct impact on client and company success.

Our Values

We are Service Driven!

We are open to ideas that challenge the conventional views and drive innovation. Our team is committed to mastering technologies and best practices, so we can turn innovation into value.

We Continuously Innovate

We are open to ideas that challenge the conventional views and drive innovation. Our team is committed to mastering technologies and best practices, so we can turn innovation into value.

Our Communication Leads to Excellence

Great engagement leads to positive reviews by clients that leads to a favorable reputation. Communication—through person-to-person interaction—is at the heart of engagement; you can’t engage without communicating. Every employee needs to conduct their business based on a shared belief about the importance of communication.

We Do The Right Thing – Always!

We believe integrity is everything. Our open, transparent, and honest approach to our services is the single most important way we support our clients and ensure success across our team. This value is a staple for our culture of accountability, responsibility, and unparalleled delivery. We do the right thing, always, for the benefit of our client and our company.

Our engineers maintain the highest level of vendor certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, 3Com, Citrix, HP, BlackBerry, and SonicWall. We require ALL our staff to complete on-going training to ensure we are up-to-date on the latest technologies and solutions.

“We serve as a trusted advisor for our clients. That requires research and guidance, and I think it’s an extremely valuable role to play. It’s one of the challenges I enjoy most.”

“At my old job at a big company, all they cared about was sales. If you left, they would just find someone else to replace you and you were just a number to them. Here you can talk to everyone including Michael, the owner, because he’s in the trenches with us.”

“We get our work done, everybody jokes around. You don’t have to be worried about making a mistake or what will happen if you do something wrong.”


Generous Health/Vision/Dental Plan

We cover 100% of the cost of most plans for employees and contribute toward employees’ health savings accounts.


We highly recommend contributing to our 401K since we match up to 5% of your total contribution.

Disability + Life

All of our employees have a long-term disability plan and 50K in life insurance on us. There is also the option to upgrade or add short-term disability coverage as well.

Profit Sharing

We not only provide 401K matching, but we also provide annual Safe Harbor profit sharing contribution for all employees. On average we have contributed 6% of each employees annual salary.


Professional Development

From sponsoring certs, conferences and classes to providing a career ladder that shows them the skills they need to succeed, we work together with our partners to make sure they are constantly learning and growing.

Staff Events

From fun happy hours, company outings, contests and more, this is something for everyone! And if you don’t see the event that interests you, the XperSocial Committee is always looking for great ideas!

Flexible Time Off

We encourage and trust our employees to take the appropriate time they need, while still be committed to XPERTECHS and our awesome clients.