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IT Services for Manufacturing Industry

Managed IT Services for Manufacturing Companies

In today’s manufacturing landscape, seamless communication and data accessibility are crucial at every stage – from the office to the production floor, and from the warehouse to distribution. At XPERTECHS, we understand that an integrated IT approach is key to streamlining these processes.

Our cloud-based solutions ensure that data is always at your fingertips, whether it’s for order entry, production oversight, or delivery management. More than just an IT service provider, we act as your trusted advisor, helping you leverage technology to its fullest potential. Our goal is to enhance the way your manufacturing business operates, ensuring efficiency, transparency, and connectivity across all departments.

More Know-How

Expertise in ERP solutions and inventory management tailored for manufacturing needs.

More Ideas

Sell, produce, and deliver products more efficiently with technology strategies that improve processes and create competitive advantage.

More Commitment

Gain a partner who is invested in providing technology strategies that will drive business growth and innovation.

Manufacturing Success with Managed IT Services

ERP & Inventory Management Solutions

Specialized solutions to streamline inventory control and resource planning. 

Application Support for Distribution & Inventory

Expertise in the latest technology tools for efficient distribution and inventory management. 

Cybersecurity for Connected Systems

Robust security measures for systems connected with vendors and customers, protecting against cyber risks. 

Data Protection for Trade Secrets & IP

Ensuring the safety of vital data, including trade secrets and intellectual property with security solutions like Data Loss Protection (DLP).

Microsoft Modern Workplace

Leveraging Microsoft’s suite of tools to enhance collaboration and productivity in manufacturing settings. 

Cloud Solutions & Data Backup

Secure cloud-based storage and backup solutions for vital manufacturing data. 

Automation for Enhanced Productivity

Implementing automation to improve manufacturing processes and operational efficiency.

Microsoft Business Voice

Integrate a versatile communication system that supports employees whether they’re in the office, production floor or warehouse.

“We made the switch to XPERTECHS based on recommendations of other companies. They came up with a strategic adjustment plan for us that’s executable, and it’s not going to break the bank.”

“We face the same challenges as larger companies, but we don’t have a big IT staff or extensive development resources. I have enjoyed a 18 year association with XPERTECHS and have found them to provide superior technical support with HP and Microsoft systems.”

“I want to be at pace or ahead of the pace of the market in terms of technology,” said Bill. “In order to maintain that, you need somebody like XPERTECHS in your corner because you can’t rely on the knowledge of one or two IT people to keep you up to date.”

“What we liked about XPERTECHS was their ability to describe technical things to non-technical people in a way we could understand,” said Danielle. “I want to be able to understand what it does, but I don’t have to understand the way it works.”

“We talk with IT support a lot less and that in itself is a reason why everyone in the office and on our jobsites rave about them. They’re thrilled to be working with XPERTECHS.”

Turn IT Into Your Competitive Advantage

In a competitive manufacturing landscape, leveraging advanced technology is not just about keeping pace—it’s about leading the pack. As your trusted advisor and managed IT services provider, we can help you up your game and transform your operations to set new benchmarks in efficiency and innovation.