Co-Managed IT Services

Scale Your IT Department with Outsourced Expertise

You Don't Need to Carry the IT Burden Alone

Many IT directors feel like they’re drowning in a sea of IT responsibilities. There’s never enough time to get to everything that needs to be done. Missed opportunities and concerns about security are the result, not to mention stress and burnout from too many expectations placed on too few staff.

You’ve thought about hiring more people but even then, it’s unrealistic to think you can get all the expertise you need to cover all the IT bases. The solution you’re looking for is co-managed IT services.

Meet Your IT Challenges with a Co-Managed IT Partner

Co-managed IT Services are outsourced IT and cybersecurity managed services that augment the capabilities of your internal team. With a co-managed IT partner, you gain access to all the expertise you need for high-functioning IT.

Proactive IT Management

Minimize disruptions and improve productivity with consistent IT management

Enhanced Security

Leverage the capabilities of a dedicated Security Operations Center to keep up with evolving cyber threats.

Strategic Guidance

Explore new technologies while you get assistance to plan and budget for future IT investments

How Does Co-Managed IT Work?

Co-managed IT services are designed to meet each client’s unique needs. Often the client retains responsibility for help desk services, while we take care of network management, cybersecurity, and escalated troubleshooting. Working together is very much a partnership because we not only share responsibilities, but both sides are committed to following IT and cybersecurity best practices.

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Up Your Game with XPERTECHS Co-Managed IT Services

With co-managed IT, you don’t lose control, you gain it. Your staff can focus on helping end users and your time is finally freed up to do the things that provide the most value to the business. Everyone is more successful, and IT can become a strong function that fuels business goals.

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Empower Your IT Team with Co-Managed IT Services

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