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Co-Managed IT Services

In the vast and complex world of information technology, many IT directors find themselves overwhelmed by mounting responsibilities and escalating security concerns. XPERTECHS offers a lifeline with co-managed IT support services, designed to transform your stress and burnout into efficiency and security. 

Our comprehensive approach to IT support goes beyond just handling day-to-day tasks. We focus on building a secure, resilient technical environment that allows for enhanced operations and growth. We’re not just addressing immediate problems but proactively preparing for future obstacles to ensure your business is always one step ahead.

Proactive IT Management

Reduce workplace disruptions and improve productivity with comprehensive IT support and management

Enhanced Cybersecurity

Leverage the capabilities of a dedicated IT Security Operations Center to keep up with evolving cyber threats

Strategic IT Guidance

Explore new technologies while working with consultants to plan for future IT investments

How Does Co-Managed IT Work?

Co-managed IT focuses on blending the expertise and resources of an outsourced IT provider with the strategic framework of an internal IT team. In other words: it’s a partnership between your organization and XPERTECHS to augment your capabilities while maintaining control over your in-house IT operations. Oftentimes, the business will retain responsibility for help desk services while our team handles network management, cybersecurity, and escalated troubleshooting. As partners, we’ll work together to ensure your IT systems are aligned with best practices and are supporting the needs of the business.

Empower Your Operations With Co-Managed IT Services

No matter your needs or limitations, XPERTECHS has the skills and resources to strengthen your IT department. Our range of co-managed IT support services are designed to elevate your operational effectiveness and keep your business in the forefront.

24/7 Help Desk and Escalated Support

Azure Cloud Migration and Management

Asset Tracking and Management

Microsoft 365 Optimization and Security

Remote management and monitoring

Cybersecurity Strategy and Services

Software Patches and Upgrades

Data Backup and Disaster recovery

Professional Services

IT Planning and Budgeting

Voice Communications

User Training

Are you looking to expand your IT and cybersecurity capabilities without significantly increasing staff? Do you need expertise that goes beyond what your existing team can offer? Co-managed IT is a flexible and scalable approach for enhancing operations, providing the perfect balance of support and autonomy.

I want to be at pace or ahead of the pace of the market in terms of technology,” said Bill. “In order to maintain that, you need somebody like XPERTECHS in your corner because you can’t rely on the knowledge of one or two IT people to keep you up to date.

Let’s Up Your Game®

Get Co-Managed IT Support with XPERTECHS

Stop carrying the burden of IT management and start securing the future of your business by partnering with XPERTECHS! Our co-managed services gives you access to a broad range of high-level, scalable IT expertise without the overhead of expanding your in-house team. Our unparalleled knowledge and proactive support will help you cover every IT base and keep your business ahead. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn how we can help you up your game!