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Signs It’s Time to Get a Different Managed IT Service Provider

It would be great if you found an outstanding managed IT service provider that you could stay with forever. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way. At first, you might ignore the signs that you need to make a change. However, as service delivery goes from great to good then good to terrible, you ultimately have to face the fact that you have more IT issues than you’ve ever had before and the only way you’re going to turn things around is to get a different provider.

See Yourself in Any of These Situations?

In this article we’re going to uncover some of the tell-tale signs that you need to switch to a different managed service provider (MSP). Use what you learn to spark discussions about your situation, or validate your gut feeling that you need to go a different direction with IT.

Slow Response Time

Response to support tickets and general questions used to be fast but now you’re waiting and waiting for someone at the MSP to get back to you. This may be a sign that the IT provider is having a hard time keeping up with the number of clients they’re trying to serve.

If the organization isn’t adding more team members as they add more clients, there’s a good chance their employees are going to become overworked and feel overwhelmed. Not only does this slow down response time, but this could be a reason for increased employee turnover which brings us to our next point.

Different Person Every Time You Call

Over the years, you may have become used to speaking with the same technicians and account execs, but now it seems like you get a different person every time you call. This could be a sign that the MSP is growing, but it could also be a sign of high turnover. In addition to unrealistic expectations for workload, poor management could also be a reason why the MSP’s employees are leaving.

You should be able to work with people you know, who in turn know your business and your IT systems. Of course, there may be additions and changes to the team at the MSP that takes care of you, but if you’re getting a different person every time you call, it may be a prediction of service issues in the future.

Acquisition by a Bigger Company

One of the leading reasons why prospects contact us here at XPERTECHS is because their long-time IT provider sold out to a bigger company. Service had been great for many years, but after the acquisition they’re not getting the same level of service or care that they did in the past.

This happens all the time because it’s a strategy used by big companies to add clients and assets in a particular region. Sometimes it’s not just an IT company buying an IT company, but a private equity conglomerate adding companies under its umbrella.

If you get a letter in the mail announcing that your MSP has been acquired, don’t be shy about asking how the change will affect the terms of your contract and service level. Then decide if the new organization will be the best solution for your business.

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Playing the Blame Game

When your MSP won’t take ownership of a problem they can’t fix, it’s always someone else’s fault. They blame problems on your internet provider, or your phone company, or they say the equipment you bought isn’t good enough.

A good MSP will use their expertise to advise you on when it’s time to search for new vendors, or if your equipment has reached its end-of-life and you should start planning an upgrade. And when a problem truly is the fault of a vendor, they should offer themselves to be part of the solution and facilitate actions that will solve whatever issue is plaguing you.

Declining Ability to Solve Problems

Along with playing the blame game, is the possibility that your MSP doesn’t have the expertise needed to find solutions to your problems. They’re very likely not doing much to proactively prevent problems either.

While one reason for this is that they don’t have enough people to serve all their clients. Another is that the IT company doesn’t have enough talent in the specialties that are needed for comprehensive IT coverage. Whatever the reason, the technical service you’re receiving is not world-class, and it’s not helping your business.

Loss of Customer Service

The final sign that it’s time to look for a different managed IT service provider is really a consolidation of all the previous signs. You’re just not getting the level of customer service that you need and expect.

Your people complain about IT support and would prefer to find their own workarounds rather than send in a support ticket. You may even feel that your business as a whole is going backwards because IT is holding you back.

What to Do When You See the Signs

Before you start weighing your options, you should review your current contract so that you understand the terms and what will happen if you want to break off the relationship before the end of the term. Reputable IT providers only want to work with organizations that want to work with them, and may let you out of your contract early if requested.

Some, however, may lock you in until the very end. Before signing on the dotted line with another provider, make sure that your old contract is near its end and send a written notification that you will not be continuing services.

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Ready to Up Your Game?

Here at XPERTECHS, we understand that business leaders don’t just need an IT provider, you need an IT partner. If you’ve come to the realization that you’re not going to get what you need from your current MSP, we’re here to up your game. Contact us to explore what that might look like for your company and your future.

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