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How the Best IT Companies Treat Their Employees

Satisfied employees are good for business. Not only does it make sense that positive feelings about their jobs and their employer impacts the way that employees carry out their work, studies have shown that there’s a connection between satisfied employees and satisfied customers. That’s why top Managed IT Service Providers invest in their employees and in developing a workplace where people are valued and positioned for success.

Every IT company has its own culture that’s intentionally cultivated by its leaders and flavored by the people who work there. When you’re looking for a job, it would be nice to know exactly what that culture looks like and if the values it displays are the same as yours.

Read about five ways that the best IT companies treat their employees, and get a peak into what you can expect from a career at XPERTECHS.

1. Professional Development

Continuous learning and training are a given in the IT industry because technology is always changing. A good IT company makes sure that employees get the training they need to stay up-to-date in their role. They also provide opportunities for people to move to other positions according to their interests and personal goals.

At XPERTECHS: If an employee wants to move to a different position, management will work with the employee to create a plan to progress towards that role. They’ll help the employee evaluate their strengths, and areas that need more knowledge or skills. The employee will have access to the training and certifications that they need, as well as reimbursement for the costs.

2. Opportunities for Challenge

The kind of IT professionals who do well at a Managed IT Service company thrive on challenge. They don’t like to get bored and once they master a certain level of skill, they’re ready to climb the next learning curve. These people have a problem-solving mindset that pushes them forward even when the situation they face is brand new to them.

At XPERTECHS: Every client’s IT environment is a little bit different, and whether it’s troubleshooting issues or planning out the implementation of new technology, there’s always something to learn and no two days are the same. Because of the size of our company, people sometimes have to wear different hats and step up to the plate in ways that stretch their comfort zone. At the same time, employees are trusted to embrace the challenges in front of them and to lean on the team when help is needed.

3. Collaborative Environment

The point of Managed IT Services is to bring every IT discipline to clients through a group of people who have various skillsets. This not only makes it possible for an IT company to deliver the services of a whole IT department, it means that there are many people that have their eyes and ears on clients’ IT environments at the same time.

At XPERTECHS: Clients have a team of professionals that include Service Desk Technicians, Technology Alignment Admins, Engineers, Onsite Engineers, and administrative support. While each role has a specific purpose, everyone knows that what they do is intertwined. Team members depend on each other for help and ideas. By leveraging each other’s expertise, the team can be fast, thorough, and efficient.

4. Transparent Management

Surprises are fun when it’s your birthday, but not when you’re worried about the health of your employer or the viability of your job. Top IT companies keep employees in the loop about how the business is doing financially, and include them in sharing goals and challenges. Leadership understands that employees not only want to be heard, they may have the best ideas for solving problems.

At XPERTECHS: The doors to company leaders are open for employees to share what’s on their mind, and information about how the company is doing is routinely disclosed. During the COVID-19 pandemic, no one worried about whether or not their job was in jeopardy because the owner shared information about the company’s solid foundation and plans for how they were going to meet the challenges they faced.

5. Appreciation and Value

No news isn’t really good news when it comes to hearing from your employer about how you’re doing. Everyone needs a pat on the back now and then, as well as feedback that tells you that you’re a valued contributor. Success needs to be celebrated. The best IT companies have formal and informal ways to lift up employees and recognize personal, team and client success.

At XPERTECHS: It wasn’t unusual to set up an impromptu happy hour after work so that everyone could get together for conversation and relaxation pre-COVID. Those days will be here again. In the meantime, employees continue to be recognized during regular all company meetings for successes and personal achievements, and annually for their years of service. Someone has an XPERTECHS’ blue football helmet on their desk which is a traveling award for the MVP of the company.

Interested in Growing Your Career at XPERTECHS?

If you’ve been punching the clock for an employer that doesn’t provide you with a culture where you can thrive, maybe it’s time to check out careers at XPERTECHS.