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Better Business Outcomes with a Managed IT Partner

All managed IT service companies are not created equal. That’s why it can be so hard to evaluate companies and pick the one that’s going to deliver the business outcomes that you want. What you’re looking for in a Managed Service Provider (MSP) is one that’s going to act more like a partner than a provider and the way to do that is to include discussion about business outcomes in your conversations. 

Before we get to business outcomes, let’s consider what your goal is for IT support. If you’re just thinking that these are the folks who will manage IT, then you need to broaden your mindset. Ultimately, you want IT to improve your business and help everyone at your company do what they do… better.

What Happens When IT Works Every Day 

Having IT work optimally in every department every day is really the umbrella that all of the other business outcomes fall under. As you learn about these business outcomes, you’re going to discover that there’s some overlap.  

1. Freedom to Focus

A lot of companies changing IT providers are seeking to free up the time of the person who is the Point-of-Contact for IT at their organization. What happens is that when IT isn’t performing as it should, issues build and people get frustrated. Pretty soon the POC – and all the employees for that matter – spend more and more of their time on IT and less on the main job role that they were hired to do. A managed IT service partner removes this burden and gives everyone the freedom to focus on what they do best. 

2. Increased Productivity

If your people spend less time dealing with technology issues, and they’re not spinning their wheels waiting to get help, they’ll naturally have more time to get work done. Additionally, as your IT environment matures through the MSP’s application of IT best practices and recommendations for improvement, everything can work faster. 

3. Improved Security

Managing cyber risks is an ongoing process. A managed IT service partner will share your goals for security and will guide you in establishing a solid baseline for secure operations that matches up with modern threats. Having a comprehensive security strategy can help you get the best rates on cyber insurance too. 

4. Increased Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Providing customers with a good technology experience is good for business. Not only can a managed IT service partner mature IT so that everything works, they can help you find new ways to use technology to streamline processes and eliminate complexity. When you’re better at delivering your products and services, you set up your customers for success which can stimulate more sales and referrals. 

5. Increased Employee Satisfaction and Retention

Just as customers appreciate a great technology experience, so do employees. Employees also want to feel successful, and when you enable them with technology you’re doing just that. Additionally, people notice if you’re scrimping and that will reflect negatively on your employer reputation.  

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6. Optimize Your Remote Work Force

Chances are good that a portion of your employees are going to work from home for at least part of the time. A managed IT services partner can help you use technology so that communication and collaboration are maximized and connections are secure.  

7. Innovate with Technology

When you’ve got a solid IT foundation and you’re not spending all your time trying to keep up with technology, you suddenly have the ability to use technology in innovative ways. Whether you bring ideas to the table, or they come from your MSP, the IT guidance you receive will help you to determine which technologies to adopt and how best to integrate them into your network. 

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8. Plan Ahead

When you go from having inconsistent IT costs to a flat monthly fee, you gain the ability to plan and budget for the future. Not only do you know what to expect from month to month, you can plan out future technology investments because you’ll get the IT guidance you need to create a roadmap for IT improvement. 

Go From Reactive to Proactive with a Managed IT Service Partner 

When it comes down to it, what a managed IT services partner is going to do is to allow you to be proactive with IT instead of solely reactive. Being proactive is a much better experience for everyone and it’s what allows you to get the positive business results that we’ve just outlined here. 

Up Your Game with XperCARE

We provide organizations with managed IT services through our XperCARE model. We deliver the IT services you need along with IT guidance that allows you to improve operations and enable success. 

Contact us to explore what that might look like for your organization. 

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