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Celebrating 35 Years of XPERTECHS

Get 3 Free Months of Cybersecurity Services

Since 1988, XPERTECHS has helped hundreds of businesses in Maryland, Texas, and the Mid-Atlantic improve their operations through our comprehensive IT support and cybersecurity solutions. To show our appreciation for 35 years of business, we want to help more organizations up their game by offering three free months of security services to those who sign up for an annual XperCARE agreement!

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What is XperCare?

XperCARE is our comprehensive framework designed to bring all aspects of your IT systems into alignment with best practices. We utilize this framework to build a secure technical foundation that neutralizes cyber threats before they escalate and enables stronger technological capabilities. This proactive approach allows businesses to scale and innovate while empowering their people with cutting-edge technologies.

For 35 years and counting, our XperCARE proactive process has been proven time and again to improve operations and enable the success of the clients we serve. It’s through this framework that we’ve developed a full line of managed services to foster efficiency, security, and innovation that propels businesses forward.

XPERTECHS is proud to offer the following IT solutions to our valued partners:

Managed IT Services

At XPERTECHS, our managed IT goes beyond routine maintenance and repair. We offer strategic, end-to-end solutions that encompasses everything from onsite support to advanced cybersecurity protection. Our team works with you to learn your business and create a custom roadmap to help meet your goals. Using our XperCARE framework, we build a secure and predictable IT foundation that aligns your systems with best practices and empowers your organization with enhanced capabilities.


Co-Managed IT Services

Co-managed IT services offers a more tailored approach to your IT management. This model is focused on creating a partnership that supplements and enhances your existing team. Customize your IT management by blending the expertise and resources of an external IT provider with the strategic framework of an internal IT team. You’ll have the opportunity to tap into our vast resources and up-to-date knowledge while retaining control over your in-house IT operations.


Managed Cybersecurity Services

We support our clients’ needs for cybersecurity through XperCARE DEFEND Managed IT Services to interpret and remediate vulnerability audits for regulatory compliance like HIPAA and ITAR. By following security best practices, and facilitating discussions about managing cyber risk, we’ll help you close up the holes in your cyber defenses.


IT Automation Services

We help businesses use automation to effectively capture, manage and aggregate their valuable data and improve their overall performance. We do this by harnessing the power of Power Apps and Microsoft’s full Power Platform to transform business operations and process flows.


Professional IT Services

XPERTECHS offers Professional Services for businesses that need immediate help for a specific pain point or problem. By partnering with us on project-specific challenges, you can leverage our expertise while maintaining focus on your core business concerns. The scope can extend from planning and strategy through to design, implementation, adoption, training and can even involve future ongoing support.


Microsoft Modern Workplace

XPERTECHS helps businesses unlock the full potential of their workforce through managed IT support of Microsoft Modern Workplace. By properly utilizing all of the different tools and capabilities within your Microsoft 365 subscription, you can empower your entire organization and drive digital innovation. From the versatile collaboration of SharePoint and Business Voice to the advanced AI capabilities of  Power Platform and Azure, XPERTECHS can help you improve the flexibility and scalability of your business.


XPERTECHS was founded by Michael Mellott back in 1988. Today, with his sons Mike Jr. (president) and Joe (vice president) by his side, the company is moving into a future that promises to be rich with technological innovation. Their leadership marks a continuation of the company’s commitment to stay ahead of evolving technology like AI and business process automation.

As we embrace technological advancements in our own operations, we will continue to guide clients through the process of selecting and applying transformative technologies that will literally reshape the future of their organizations.