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XPERTECHS in the Community: The Maryland Food Bank

Usually at this time of year we send our clients an edible fruit arrangement. It’s been our way to say “thank you” for the opportunity to work with them, and to provide a little treat for their employees at the same time.

This year, with so many people working remotely, and with such an increased need in our community because of COVID-19, we decided to do something different.

Our gift this year is a donation to the Maryland Food Bank using the funds we had set aside for the edible fruit arrangements.

Maryland Food Bank Stepping Up to the Plate

Maryland Food BankWhen we considered how to give the gift of “giving back” this year, what we learned about the Maryland Food Bank reminded us that although our business has not suffered because of the pandemic, there have been plenty of others that have. Lots of people are struggling right now and the food bank has stepped up to the plate to fill a very real need for many families.

Here’s a snapshot of the work the Maryland Food Bank has done March 1 – September 30 this year:

  • An additional 900,000 people on top of the customary 1.5 million people have been helped – a 93% increase compared to 2019.
  • Between March and September 2020 they spent $15.4 million on food – a 392% increase compared to 2019.
  • They’ve distributed 200,245 Back Up Boxes of shelf-stable food across Central Maryland.
  • They’ve hosted 2,176 “drive thru” Pantry on the Go events across the state.
  • They distributed 401,540 contactless, Grab & Go meals to kids affected by COVID-related school closures.

Spread the Word to People Who Need a Helping Hand

Could you do us a favor? Could you please share this message? We’d like to help spread the word about the good work that the Maryland Food Bank is doing.

We can’t assume that everyone who needs help is getting it. Your employees may know of people in their families, network of friends, or neighborhood that could use the helping hand that the food bank offers.

Learn more about the Maryland Food Bank on their website.