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XPERTECHS Donates to Maryland Food Bank on Behalf of Clients

For the Maryland Food Bank, feeding people isn’t their only mission. Their strategic plan includes another objective and that’s to help people overcome the circumstances that create food insufficiency. The third pillar of their plan is to improve their organization so that they can fulfill this dual mission.

For the third year in a row, we have decided to come alongside the Maryland Food Bank (MFB) to support their compassionate and practical tactics to reach and help more Maryland residents who are struggling. We’re making a donation, on your behalf and ours, in place of sending out the usual gifts of food that we have done in years past.

MD Food Bank Logo

Our decision to continue to support the MFB is spurred on by the response we have received from you, our clients who have told us that you support and appreciate this gesture to step up for those in need.

In 2022, while we’re emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, families have had the stress of inflation increasing expenses. It’s not just food costs that have increased, but housing, utilities and necessities cost more than they did just a year ago.

The food bank itself is navigating the effects of inflation as the costs for food and transporting it have increased. At the same time, demand has also increased. The “Maryland Food Bank Hunger Brief” dated July 6, 2022 states that pre-pandemic the food bank purchased 12 million pounds of food at .45 a pound. In FY23 they expect to buy up to 25 million pounds of food at .88 a pound.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic and inflation, MFB continues to reach out to our Maryland neighbors in need through nearly 1,300 distribution points that include more than 330 community-based Network Partner sites.

Please share this message to help spread the word about the good work that the Maryland Food Bank is doing in our communities. Consider donating or volunteering your time to assist in their mission to help people with today’s needs while building a stepping stone for self-sufficiency tomorrow.

Learn more on their website: