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Working in the Deployment Department at XPERTECHS

If you want a way to find out if working at a managed IT services company is for you, you should consider working as a Deployment Technician at XPERTECHS. The goal of the Deployment Technician’s role is to set up new laptops and workstations for clients, making sure that when they’re delivered the computer user has everything they need to get working without delay.

The workshop where deployment technicians spend most of their time is a very busy place. There’s always a steady stream of new machines arriving and old machines returning, plus lots of communication with clients and team members to ensure that every machine is built according to the proper specifications.

How the Computer Deployment Process Works

The deployment process is kicked off when a client submits a ticket requesting a new computer for an existing or new employee. The ticket has all of the information that’s needed to fulfill the request, like the type of machine desired and the profile that indicates the programs and permissions that need to be included.

After the computer has been set up, it’s reviewed by another team member before being delivered. The technician will follow up with the client after they’ve received their new machine to make sure that everything is running well and that nothing is missing that they need.

To succeed as a Deployment Technician, you need to have a basic understanding of how computers work but you don’t necessarily need any special training or certifications. Because each client has specific applications and settings that they want their users to have, Deployment Technicians need to be detail oriented. They also need to be very organization, because at any one time, they can be configuring computers for multiple clients.

Benefits of Hardware Deployment for Clients

Deploying hardware for clients provides their organizations with many benefits that make their technology more manageable. These benefits include:

1. Efficiency and Productivity

Because we have a streamlined process for setting up new hardware, we can ensure that computers are configured, installed and ready for use when the client receives them.

2. Standardization

By setting up clients’ hardware we can ensure that machines are built according to each company’s standardized profiles and policies.

3. Security and Compliance

When computer users receive their new equipment, they are set up with the security and compliance protocols specific to their organization. When old computers are returned, we make sure that hard drives are wiped so that there is no residual confidential data.

4. Proper Disposal and Recycling

When equipment is going out of service, we make sure that it’s disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

5. Asset Inventory and Management

We help clients keep track of their computer equipment and peripherals, and assist them in developing a refresh schedule to keep hardware up to date. We also try to keep a supply of standard equipment in inventory in preparation for emergencies.

Is a Job in the Deployment Department for You?

If you enjoy being active and want to learn about what it’s like to work at a managed IT services company, you should consider a job as a Deployment Technician. It’s a role that requires a blend of basic technical skills, strong communication, and a commitment to client satisfaction. At the end of each day, you’ll go home with a sense of accomplishment along with the knowledge that you’re performing a vital task that enables client success.

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