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Working in the Cybersecurity and Centralized Services Department

There’s a group of people at XPERTECHS who work almost exclusively behind the scenes, but they have a huge impact on client success. These are the professionals in the Cybersecurity and Centralized Services department. These folks spend their days (and sometimes nights) managing and monitoring IT systems so that a little hiccup doesn’t turn into a big outage, and they make sure that cyber intruders get stopped in their tracks.

Centralized Services and Cybersecurity are two different disciplines, but they are interrelated. Centralized Services are generally concerned with managing and monitoring a network and all of the devices connected to it. Cybersecurity has to do with protecting the network and devices from cyber threats.

Centralized Services operates through a Network Operations Center (NOC) and Cybersecurity through a Security Operations Center (SOC). Think of the NOC/SOC as the nerve center for all the activities that are needed to keep IT systems up and running, and secure.

Behind the Scenes Work Plus Collaboration

Even though they work behind the scenes, the NOC/SOC engineers have a lot of collaboration with the other departments at XPERTECHS. They’ll step in when a help desk ticket turns out to be a large issue. They’re called on by the Professional Services team for their security and network management expertise. They’re asked for input by the automation team.

When they need to interact with clients, there’s usually an issue to resolve. They’ll work with client staff to address any alerts coming from their devices and lock down their accounts when there’s a threat. They’ll schedule onsite visits to do advanced troubleshooting and work with other vendors, like the client’s internet service provider to find solutions to problems.

Exposure to the Latest Technology

One thing is certain when you work in the Cybersecurity and Centralized Services department at XPERTECHS – you’re going to be exposed to a lot of different technologies and systems, and to many types of vulnerabilities and threats that are both commonplace and unique.

If you’re the kind of person who loves to learn; who is stimulated by new situations; and enjoys staying up to date with changing technology, this is the department for you. Some of the roles that we have in our NOC/SOC include:

Centralized Services Lead

The manager overseeing the NOC/SOC supervises the engineers in the department. They work with other departments to identify how to move forward with new technologies while maintaining industry standards and best practices.

SOC Specialist

The SOC specialist has in-depth knowledge about security technologies including threat detection and response. They identify opportunities to automate processes and responses to alerts, and then assist in rolling them out.

SOC/NOC Technicians

These technicians monitor alerts and gather data for reports to communicate IT system health and security. They respond to alerts for system errors or security threats and determine the appropriate action that’s needed.

No Need for Accolades

What gets people in the Centralized Services and Cybersecurity department excited about their work is when they identify an issue and take care of it before it becomes a big problem. The successes that they have in their day-to-day work are rarely noticed but the team isn’t there for applause. They get satisfaction from knowing that what could have happened, didn’t because of their fast response.


IT professionals who work in XPERTECHS’ SOC and NOC are not entry-level. They not only have a few years of experience in IT, but they also have experience working at a managed IT service company.

Attainment of the Security+ certification from CompTIA is a signal that the individual has the foundational knowledge needed to work in cybersecurity. For network management, the Network+ certification is useful along with certifications for the various technologies that we work with.

If you have the qualifications and would like to explore opportunities to work in Centralized Services and Cybersecurity, you’re invited to check out our open positions. If you’re just getting started in your IT career, we encourage you to consider a Service Desk position and we can help you create a career path to go where you want to go.

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