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What Architecture and Engineering Firms Need from Managed IT Services

There are many challenges to meet when you’re operating a business in the architecture or engineering industries, but technology shouldn’t be one of them. Your technology should help you to meet your challenges. However, you might not be getting all the benefits that IT can bring unless you have the right managed IT services partner.

Managed IT services companies aren’t all the same. Some are focused on merely completing IT tasks. Then there are others that can help you develop technical strength and enable your strategic use of technology.

This is strength that will enable you to gain visibility into every stage of your projects, get the up-to-date data you need to make well-informed decisions, and equip your employees with the communication tools they need for seamless collaboration.

What to Expect from Your Managed IT Service Provider

Whether you’re already working with a managed service provider (MSP) or you’re just starting to explore your options, make sure the company you choose can meet these expectations.

1. Effective Cyber Risk Management

A managed IT services partner should be able to help you create a security strategy with all the technical and non-technical pieces that are needed to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber intruders.

2. Regulatory Compliance Guidance

While compliance is concerned with keeping data confidential, it’s not exactly the same as security. Make sure that your MSP can interpret regulations into security controls that keep data and intellectual private and safe.

3. Supply Chain Management

The computers that you use have high specifications for graphics rendering and computing power. Work with an MSP that has relationships with the vendors who manufacture and distribute these high-powered machines.

4. File Storage and Backup Management

The huge files that you work with take up a lot of space and your MSP should be able to help you determine the best ways that the information can be stored and transmitted. Along with file storage, you need a backup management plan that meets both your recovery goals and budget.

5. Software Licensing Management

If you can’t keep track of all of your software licenses, you could be leaking money without realizing it. Your MSP should have systems for tracking software licenses that includes keeping track of employee onboarding and offboarding.

6. Remote Worker Enablement

Making sure that remote workers and employees out in the field can work effectively and securely is a core capability that your MSP should have.

7. Automation

Business process automation is often the answer that’s needed to simplify complex processes but not all MSPs can build automations nor recognize opportunities to use them. Work with a company that can bring this specialty to you and you’ll discover efficiencies and improvements that didn’t imagine were possible.

8. IT Best Practices

An MSP should not only bring you IT best practices for creating smooth running IT systems, they should never be willing to compromise those best practices. Ideally, the MSP you work with has been in business long enough to fold IT best practices into their own proven processes that have a track record of success.

9. IT Strategic Guidance

The only way for an MSP to connect the dots between your technology and your needs is for them to learn about your business. Work with an MSP who will provide the ongoing guidance of a virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) who will meet regularly with you to help you create a path for IT improvement and help you evaluate and adopt new technologies.

Managed IT Services for Architecture and Engineering Firms

Perhaps the most important thing to look for in a managed IT services company is whether or not they have experience in your industry. When it comes to XPERTECHS, we’ve been providing tailored IT solutions to firms in the Architecture, Engineering & Construction industry for years. And you don’t have to just take our word for it:

We had only started working with Bonstra | Haresign ARCHITECTS on March 1, 2020 when the COVID pandemic hit. Luckily, they had switched providers just in time to get them set up for a smooth transition to remote work. Read the story here: Bonstra | Haresign ARCHITECTS Switched to XPERTECHS Just in Time for the Remote Work Exodus

If you want more from your technology than what you’re getting now, it’s time to up your game with an experienced partner you can trust. Get in touch with XPERTECHS today to explore how you can get better business results from technical strength and strategy.