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We Boiled Down Our Essence and This is What Rose to the Surface

There’s a big problem in the Managed IT Services world that’s causing confusion for lots of people. Different companies have created their own interpretations of what exactly a Managed Service Provider (MSP) is supposed to be and do. The problem is that MSPs are viewed as commodities when, in fact, there are huge variations in service delivery and results.

Here at XPERTECHS, we don’t want anyone to be confused about what we’re offering as an MSP. So, we recently did some work to boil down exactly what it is that our clients most value when it comes to the ongoing work that we do for them, and turned it into a message that we can rally around. Here’s that message –

XPERTECHS Let's Up Your Game

What came through again and again from interviews that were conducted with numerous sources inside and outside our company, was that we delivered more – More Know-How, More Ideas and More Commitment – and doing that meant that our clients achieve more.

More Know-How – Refers to the variety and depth of expertise that we bring to clients.

More Ideas – Is about seeking out new ways to use technology to improve client operations. 

More Commitment – Illustrates the importance of the relationship and our dedication to client success. 

“We’ve been hearing from new clients that the MSP that they were working with before XPERTECHS was essentially just making sure that the lights were kept on, but what they really needed was for them to be a guide in the innovative use of technology,” said Michael Mellott, President and Founder of XPERTECHS. 

The truth is that if companies are not using technology to move forward, they’re probably not moving much at all. Business leaders recognize this, and what it feels like to them is that they’ve outgrown their IT support vendor, or that they’re just stuck and IT is holding them back. 

The Let’s Up Your Game message isn’t just for Sales and Marketing. It’s a shining beacon for culturerecruitment activities and employee retention at XPERTECHS too. The type of IT professionals that do well on the XPERTECHS team are people who are always learning, always looking for the next challenge, and not afraid to take the initiative. They’re individuals who have a passion for technology and for helping people. 

Because Let’s Up Your Game is to a great degree a reflection of who we already are, it hasn’t changed our business strategy, but has rather brought our strengths more clearly into focus. As we weave the message into our internal communicationswe will be able to become even more intentional about making decisions that align with our approach. 

In the coming weeks, we’ll be fleshing out exactly what it looks like to “Up Your Game in future blog posts. In the meantime, check out Top 3 Qualities to Look For In An IT Support Company for help on how to determine if your current MSP is bringing you as much value as you could be getting with XPERTECHS Managed IT Services. 

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