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Top Tech Trends of 2015

When you’re an innovative company, staying up on the latest trends in technology isn’t a choice. But how do you know which trends are worth investing in.

Here are some top SMB IT Trends for 2015:

  1. Companies will devise business strategies that leverage technology. Companies will begin to view technology as a strategic advantage and will integrate the technology strategy to enhance the business objective.
  2. More companies will move to the cloud. According to Intuit, 4/5 SMBs will be “fully adapted” to the cloud by 2020. Many organizations will make moves to migrate their business data and workflows into a cloud based system in order to eliminate on-premise hardware, replacement expenses and benefit from the mobility that cloud integration can provide.
  3. More companies to move away from in-house in favor of outsourced partners. More and more we’re seeing companies make efforts to cut in-house costs so they can focus on innovating and streamlining the business. In 2015, we anticipate that one of those costs is going to the in-house IT department. It’s nearly impossible to compete with the cost efficiency, access to expensive software and management applications, and diversified technical resources.
  4. Risk-Based Security and Self-Protection. In the wake of continual high-profile cyberattacks that have been levied against businesses worldwide, cybersecurity must become a priority investment for the modern-day corporation. The increasingly complicated security landscape is expected to prompt multilayer security strategies, but the adoption of a proactive risk management strategy aimed at detecting crimes before too much damage is done is predicted to be the most important priority of 2015.