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The MSSP Difference: Cybersecurity Confidence

Hope isn’t the same as confidence when it comes to cybersecurity. If you’re just hoping that your IT team has all of the cybersecurity bases covered for your organization, then you’re bound to have some sleepless nights wondering if tomorrow will be the day when you have to deal with the impact of a cyber attack. While no one can guarantee 100% that you’ll never have a cyber intrusion, it’s possible to bump up the confidence you have in your security game when you partner with a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP).

A Managed Security Service Provider operates like a Managed Service Provider (MSP), bringing you a tech stack and all the roles needed to fulfill your specific technology management needs, in this case for cybersecurity. Your MSP, or Managed IT Service Provider, might offer some security services and tools along with their IT management services, but you can’t assume that they have the depth of security expertise that you’re going to find in an MSSP.

5 Things That MSSP’s Do

An MSSP (or the MSSP arm of an MSP) focuses on security. Their mission is to stay up to date on the evolving cyber threat landscape so that they can bring clients the modern tactics and tools that are needed to decrease vulnerabilities and withstand threats.

While you can expect a high level of comprehensive security services from an MSSP, there are certain capabilities that are especially notable as being absent in a regular MSP.

1. Creates and Implements Security Strategy

While you can expect your MSSP to bring you best practices and repeatable processes, you’re not going to get cookie-cutter services. Your business and your tolerance for risk is unique and your security strategy should reflect that. An MSSP is going to be your partner in drafting and implementing a plan to defend your people and your assets against cyber assaults; to detect and respond to intrusions; and to act when a cyber intruder slips through your defenses.

2. Utilizes Advanced Security Capabilities

It used to be that if you had a firewall, antivirus, and spam filters you were good to go. Not anymore. Security tools that were once considered advanced are now absolutely essential. MSSP’s can bring you technology tools like Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software that take your security stature up a few levels, and may be required for regulatory compliance and getting the best rates on cyber insurance.

3. Provides a Full Department of Security Experts

There are many roles needed to provide comprehensive cybersecurity and unless you’re working with an MSSP, you may not get all of the expertise that you actually need. For example, security engineers and technicians monitor and maintain security systems. Forensic analysts study data that is gathered to determine how effective security systems are operating and make changes for improvements. Policy experts make sure that documents are kept up to date and match up with actual business processes.

4. 24/7 Security Operations Center

Cyber criminals operate 24/7 and so should your security operations. You should expect an MSSP to be able to respond to alerts at any time and determine what action is needed. Having a second location in a different geographical area is a plus because if there is a power outage or some sort of disaster, staff and equipment at the alternate location can maintain operations.

5. Supports Needs for Non-Technical Security

While it’s essential to have advanced security technology to deter, detect and respond to threats, cyber criminals still rely on old fashioned manipulation and deception through social engineering to open the doors to your data. An MSSP is able to support the non-technical parts of your security strategy by helping you to write policies, provide guidance on how to train and enforce policies, and bring you training programs that will teach your employees how to recognize and respond to potential cyber threats.

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Here at XPERTECHS, we’re committed to security and we offer everything that you would expect from an MSP and an MSSP. What’s more, our security expertise and service delivery have been third party verified by SOC II audit. While this is a designation familiar to those in the Financial Services industry, it provides credibility for the viability of our security practices and processes for all of our clients.

Up Your Game to Get Cybersecurity Confidence

When you consider the potential impact of a cyber attack, you can’t afford to have doubts about how your organization is handling cybersecurity. Contact us to schedule a security consultation.