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Still Using Paper, Spreadsheets and Manual Processes? Time for a Power Apps Intervention

No shame intended here, but if you’re still using paper and pen, or even spreadsheets to gather and disseminate information at your company, then you need some help. Help is here in the form of Microsoft Power Apps that can take your manual, time consuming and complex tasks and turn them into efficient processes.

Why It’s Hard to Stop Doing Things the Old Way

Change can be hard. It’s uncomfortable and there’s always a learning curve. Resistance to changing the way you do things can be due to people feeling threatened. Employees may think that change means that you may not need them or their skills anymore, or they’re not confident that they’ll be able to manage new technology.

It takes energy and investment to improve. Your people can have buckets of ideas for how they can do their jobs better, but they can’t make change happen on their own. As a business leader, you need to ask yourself if you’re truly enabling the kind of changes that will lead to real improvement and transformation.

Why Process Improvement with Power Apps is a Win-Win-Win

Have you ever thought, or had someone say to you – “It doesn’t matter how it gets done, so long as it gets done”? The truth is that it DOES matter. It matters a lot, and this is where the intervention comes in. Process improvement with Power Apps is so powerful because everyone wins.

Win #1 – Employees are More Successful

When you work with employees to simplify their tasks you can actually help them to be better at their jobs. Instead of spinning their wheels or getting bogged down with errors and multiple steps, they can be more productive. When they’re more productive and successful, they feel better about their jobs.

Win #2 – Customers are More Satisfied

Don’t think that your outdated processes do not frustrate your customers! If you can improve how you serve them by being faster, more accurate or even bring them a new solution, they have more reasons to keep doing business with you and refer you to others.

Win #3 – More Business Success

If you’ve been struggling to cut costs or find ways to be more efficient, Power Apps can be the breakthrough that you’ve been looking for. Because they can be customized to your unique situation, you can remove roadblocks that have been holding you back.

Is Your IT Provider Bringing You Ideas Like This?

If your IT provider isn’t bringing you ideas on how to use technology to improve operations, then you’re missing out on opportunities to enable your success.

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