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Plan Ahead to Avoid Computer Equipment Supply Problems

If you’ve ordered a docking station or a computer monitor and it hasn’t been delivered yet, you might wonder if it’s on a container ship stuck in the bottleneck of vessels trying to dock at US ports, or if it’s even been manufactured at all.

Shortages of components and workers have contributed to the supply and demand problems that manufacturers and consumers are facing for everything from computer hardware to new cars. These are issues that had been brewing prior to COVID-19 but were worsened by the pandemic and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get better any time soon.

The best thing that you can do right now to mitigate the situation is to plan ahead and be as flexible as you can with your requirements.

Here are our recommendations for minimizing the effects of procurement problems for the computer equipment you need.

1. Look Ahead

Go through your hardware inventory and extend your planning out to Q2 2022. Determine what’s on your refresh schedule and make some educated guesses about what you’ll need and get the equipment ordered as soon as possible.

2. Predict Number of New Hires

Work with managers and HR to predict how your headcount will change and order laptops, docking stations, monitors and any other computer equipment now.

3. Be Prepared to Substitute

Shortages for some types of equipment are worse than others. For example, because of the semi-conductor situation, it might easier to get higher-powered equipment instead of the mid-grade model that your used to. If something is better than nothing, order it now.

4. Work with Your vCIO on Future Capital Expenditures

Planning for capital expenditures in 2022 could be a little more difficult than figuring out how many new laptops you need. Get IT guidance from your vCIO or technology consultant to plan your IT improvements and order the components now.

5. Leverage Your Managed Service Provider’s Network of Suppliers

Here at XPERTECHS, we’re snatching up the equipment that we recommend to our clients as we find it available so that we can have supply on hand when it’s needed. Ask your MSP if they’re doing anything similar.

6. Be Thankful

Because the supply chain is so unpredictable, early ordering might bring equipment to your door earlier than you need it as well as later. Get the computer ready then store it temporarily. Be thankful that you have the equipment in your possession and that it’s not on a container ship or just a bill of materials that have yet to be assembled.

Do You Have a Technology Partner?

If your IT support company’s response to the current supply chain troubles is lackluster then it might be a sign that the relationship you have with them is merely transactional. What you really need is a managed service provider who acts more like a partner — sharing your goals and acting proactively on your behalf.

Contact us to schedule a meeting and discover how we can help your up your technology game.

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