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Microsoft Increases File Upload Sizes from Huge to Enormous

It hasn’t even been a year since Microsoft increased the file upload size that its cloud servers can handle from 15GB to 100GB. Now they’ve announced that they’re going to jump that size up to 250GB for SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams by the end of Q1 2021.

This is great news for companies that routinely handle big files like CAD, 3D Modeling, 4K and 8K video, and the large data sets that healthcare, scientific and other R&D organizations use.

Your IT Department Will Love Improved File Handling

The ability for users to upload bigger files is good news not only for the people who work with them, but for IT as well. What often happens when people don’t have what they need to do their jobs is that they create their own workarounds using third-party apps, putting data in places where IT can’t see it, secure it, or back it up.

Microsoft doesn’t say this in their announcement, but the large number of remote workers has got to have played a part in this enhancement. Many companies that never thought they’d have people working from home have changed their attitudes and have decided to continue remote working even if it’s part-time. Microsoft has responded by increasing the capability of its platforms to support collaboration from whatever location people are working from, especially with Teams.

If you needed just one reason to use SharePoint and OneDrive for file storage, it would be because their integration with Teams. Teams has become the favorite workspace for many because it facilitates sharing of files, communication, planning and more.

Are You Getting Everything You Can from Microsoft 365?

Your subscription to Microsoft 365 includes a whole lot of capabilities but you might only be using a fraction of them. If your IT company isn’t bringing you ideas on how you can better utilize Microsoft 365, then you should wonder what else they’re missing.

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