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An Update from our President to our Clients

To our valued clients:

I know that you have probably been receiving many messages like this, but as a valued customer who uses our services every single day, I want you to know how we’re committed to keeping your IT services running smoothly during these challenging times.

Our focus during this time of unprecedented calamity is the same as it’s always been — serving you by ensuring you have the most reliable IT service experience possible, anytime or anywhere. That couldn’t be more important than it is now, as this crisis creates an environment where you are likely looking to use your technology services differently, like working from home. We are taking a range of actions to ensure we continue to meet your needs at this critical time while continuing to secure your IT environment.

Where you can reach us.

As important as our XperCARE Managed Services is to keeping you connected and protected, there is an equally important group of people behind it. They work on our service desk, network operations center, customer service, procurement and workshop. And they are working tirelessly to keep you productive when it matters most. This world-wide crisis affects them too. That’s why we’ve made changes to our service desk operating procedures. All our staff is currently working remotely from their homes. Our phone and computer systems are cloud-based, and this allows us to function completely transparent to where our Team is located. In addition, we have temporarily limited our project efforts and transitioned all our technicians and engineers to address service desk escalation issues.

Support when it matters most.

While this last week was a true test of our customer support system, we managed to finish the week with a 99.8% “positive” response rate on a volume of support tickets that exceeded 200%. Several Team members individually handled 100+ calls/tickets this week! The Engineering Team increased capacity for 700+ VPN users. Our Team was exceptional, and we received many compliments from our clients that were warmly received. Thankfully, we have the weekend to rest and recover.

While last week was a true test of assisting companies making radical changes to the way they work, the real test will be this coming week. As more and more clients start making remote work a “standard”, our Team will be once again facing a very high level of service tickets. As we begin this week, please continue to be patient and understand that we are making every effort to address your needs.

As always, we are focused on keeping your IT investment safe from cybersecurity criminals. As such we have required many clients to purchase additional VPN licenses, SSL certificates, remote access Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) licenses, laptops, etc. We are also apprehensive about remote workers that may be using their “home” computers to access corporate networks.

Some things to be concerned about with personal “home” computers:

  1. Windows 7 operating system (Microsoft no longer provides security patches)
  2. Unpatched Operating Systems
  3. Unpatched third-party programs (Adobe, Chrome, Java, etc.)
  4. Antivirus/antimalware that is NOT updated daily
  5. Other personal / unknown programs that might be installed on the computer

If you have questions and would like to discuss options, please feel free to call me.

We’re here, and we’re ready.

  • We have a World-Class Team available and working hard to provide you with a high level of IT service and support.
  • We have a limited supply of desktops/laptops in our inventory and available for remote users.
  • We have the right tools in place to protect and serve you during this time.
  • We are still procuring equipment and having it shipped wherever necessary.
  • We are managing our workshop to configure additional PCs/laptops for remote users.

We know this is a difficult time, and we’re committed to providing you the level of service you have become accustomed through our service delivery.

Please stay healthy and safe!

Michael Mellott