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5 Signs Your VC or PE Firm Needs a Different Managed IT Services Provider

Venture Capitalist and Private Equity firms have sophisticated needs for technology and cybersecurity. In fact, business survival depends on high functioning IT and robust security. That’s why it’s vital to have a managed IT services partner that understands your business and can deliver the level of support and security that you need. Still, many firms are making due with inadequate IT support and it’s limiting their ability to grow, not to mention manage risks.

Is Your IT Company Under-delivering?

It can be hard to know if your managed IT services company is under-delivering if you don’t have anything to compare your experience to. Additionally, you may not want to base a decision to change providers on a gut feeling alone. Get validation for your uneasiness when you recognize any of these signs that it’s time to make a change to a different managed services provider.

1. You’re taking the lead on security

You should be working with a managed IT services provider that can guide you in creating a cybersecurity strategy that matches your risk profile. If you find that they’re only making changes when you bring things to their attention – like when you’re renewing your cyber insurance – then that’s a sign that there may be security gaps that you don’t know about and you’re carrying more risk than you realize.

2. They’re not bringing you ideas

PE and VC companies need to use technology to be agile as well as efficient. Whether it’s cloud technologies or business process automation, your managed IT service provider should be bringing you ideas on how you can best leverage technology. If you’re missing out on getting strategic IT guidance in this area, it’s a sign that you need a different provider.

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3. You have a cookie-cutter data backup plan

As a VC or PE business, it’s vital that your data is available, accurate and accessible. Creating a robust data backup plan that gives you confidence that you’ll be able to recover from a disaster is the result of a detailed planning process that takes into account the length of time that you can be without your data, and the amount of data you can afford to lose. If your managed IT services provider treats data backup as one size fits all, then chances are good they don’t really understand your business or your industry.

4. Your people don’t get the support they need

If your people are waiting for support when they have an issue with their tech tools, then they’re not being as efficient as they could be. Slow response can be because the managed IT service provider is stretched too thin, or that they’re giving bigger companies priority over your business. Whatever the reason, it’s a sign that it’s time to find a better IT support experience.

5. You have to manage your technology vendors yourself

When you work with a managed IT service provider, they should help you to coordinate all of your different technology products and services. If you’re the one who has to work out issues with your internet provider, manage your software licenses, or purchase hardware, you’re taking care of tasks that should be the responsibility of your IT provider.

Time to Up Your Game

Here at XPERTECHS, we understand the risks, challenges and goals of PE and VC companies. We partner with them to create an effective security strategy that meets up with their risk exposure and maintains compliance requirements. We bring them ideas on how to use technology so that it can enable staff, create efficiencies that help them to do more. If that’s not what you’re getting from your managed IT services provider then it’s time to up your game.

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