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3 Easy Ways to Go GREEN!

Save money on utilities, overhead and IT services while cutting down on waste and environmental pollution.

Here are 3 simple ways to do this:

1. Go Virtual! Desktop virtualization (sometimes called client virtualization) is a process of replacing your expensive, power-sucking computer workstations with a less expensive “thin-client” option. This not only cuts down on the power needed (and your electric bill), but also reduces hardware and maintenance costs!

2. Go Paperless! Why keep printing, filing and shuffling all of those paper documents around when document management systems are so easy and inexpensive to implement? Making it easier to file, find and share documents.

3. Go Remote! Working from home, even a day a week,   will cut down on gas and emissions. In fact, most of our computer repair & support is delivered to our clients remotely thanks to our XperCARE Managed Services.