Managed IT Services with Support for Microsoft 365

When you’re using Microsoft 365 for Business, you have a powerful collection of technology tools at your fingertips. It takes expertise to manage this toolbox to make sure that you’re getting all the benefits that Microsoft has built into each application.

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XPERTECHS provides support for Microsoft 365 Business within our
XperCARE framework of Managed IT Services.


We act as administrator for your account to take care of routine tasks like adding or deleting users, managing access to files, and implementing advanced security.


When you need to move to the cloud for email, file storage or server space, we’ll plan and execute every step with a detailed process that provides you with a smooth experience.


Microsoft 365 is loaded with capabilities. We can help you uncover ways to maximize the way your people use them and create automations that save time and money.

More Than Software > Powerful Productivity

You might think M365 is just a set of software tools, but it’s actually a way to enable your people to do more.
Learn more about what you can do with M365

What can you do with M365?

Microsoft Cloud Apps and Services

Leverage the Microsoft Cloud to empower your people and gain benefits that translate into lower costs, increased flexibility, improved collaboration, and scalability.

Whether you want to move your whole infrastructure to the cloud, or create a company intranet that acts as a catalyst for engagement and information sharing, XPERTECHS can help you identify the right solutions, get you started, and administer your services so that you have a seamless experience


Enable communication and collaboration with your own company intranet.

  • File sharing and storage
  • Inform and engage employees
  • Automate workflows
  • Integrate productivity apps
  • Create a knowledge base


Have you wondered if it’s time to move your network to the Cloud?

  • Enable remote workers and multiple locations
  • Robust security meets compliance regulations
  • Eliminate capital expenditures and easily scale up or down

Built-In Security

Microsoft 365 has robust security features that evolve as new threats emerge. The XPERTECHS team is experienced in configuring and managing security options, enabling you to improve the way you manage risk.

  • Threat Protection - Protect your network, files, and online activities from malware.
  • Data Protection - Manage access to information and encrypt email messages.
  • Device Management - Automatically enforce security policies on PCs and mobile devices.

XPERTECHS = Expertise in Microsoft 365

By the numbers:

  • 8,000 seats
  • 20 Tech Certifications

Are You Getting All That Microsoft 365 Has to Offer?

If the people on your IT team aren’t experts in Microsoft 365, you’re probably not getting all of the benefits that it offers.

Contact us to schedule an IT assessment and we’ll help you discover how you can use technology to improve operations and enable success.

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