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At XPERTECHS, our team of technology experts provide comprehensive IT support and cybersecurity services that cater to the needs of your organization with more know-how, more communication, and more ideas. Through our XperCARE framework, we take a proactive approach to managed services to prevent problems and build a strong technology foundation on which you can scale and innovate.

More Know How

From technology professionals who have the expertise, qualifications, and experience to bring you every IT specialty that you need from cybersecurity to Help Desk.

More Communication

From people at every level in the organization who are paying attention to your business, communicating with you and measuring success with your success.

More Ideas

From consultants who stay on top of the latest IT innovations and are continually looking for new ways to make your business more efficient and competitive.

IT Solutions Proven for Business Success

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services is the core of our business. Through more than three decades of experience, we have developed our XperCARE proactive process that has been proven time and again to improve operations and enable the success of the clients we serve. We’ll bring your IT systems into alignment with best practices following our XperCARE framework, resulting in a predictable IT foundation on which you can grow and innovate.


Co-Managed IT

Co-Managed IT Services offers a tailored approach to your IT management. This model is focused on creating a partnership that supplements and enhances your existing team. Customize your IT management by blending the expertise and resources of an external IT provider with the strategic framework of an internal IT team. You’ll have the opportunity to tap into our vast resources and up-to-date knowledge while retaining control over your in-house IT operations.


Managed Security

We support our clients’ needs for cybersecurity through XperCARE DEFEND Managed IT Services to interpret and remediate vulnerability audits for regulatory compliance like HIPAA and ITAR. By following security best practices, and facilitating discussions about managing cyber risk, we’ll help you close up the holes in your cyber defenses.



We help businesses use automation to effectively capture, manage and aggregate their valuable data and improve their overall performance. We do this by harnessing the power of Power Apps and Microsoft’s full Power Platform to transform business operations and process flows.


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