Does My Business Need Cyber Insurance?

You could be the safest driver on the road and still not be able to guarantee that you would never, ever be involved in an accident. That’s why you have insurance. You hope you don’t need it. You’ll do everything you can to be safe, but if something does happen you’re glad it’s there.

Department of Labor Communicates Cybersecurity Expectations with New Guidelines

When you think about the information that your business needs to protect, it’s natural to think about banking and finance, trade secrets and proprietary information, as well as customer records. There’s another bucket of information, however, that’s just as valuable and the Department of Labor (DOL) has just released guidelines that they want businesses to follow to keep it secure.

MFA Explained: What It Is – Why You Need It

Would hearing news about break-ins and burglaries in your neighborhood cause you to check your window and door locks to see if you were doing what was needed to secure your house? You bet it would! You’d make sure that the dead bolt was being used in addition to the doorknob lock, and you’d confirm with your whole family that they knew what to do when they’re home and when they leave the house.

Microsoft Power Apps Use Case: PTO Request Process Streamlined and Improved

What Can You Do with Microsoft Power Apps?
USE CASE: PTO Request Process Streamlined and Improved
To request time off, staff at a small company of 30 employees would email the General Manager with the dates that they needed to be away. To approve the request, the manager would reply to the employee’s email and put the dates on the company intranet calendar.

How the Best IT Companies Treat Their Employees

Satisfied employees are good for business. Not only does it make sense that positive feelings about their jobs and their employer impacts the way that employees carry out their work, studies have shown that there’s a connection between satisfied employees and satisfied customers.

Help! We’re Stuck in MSP Lite

Have you ever been tricked into switching out your favorite food for a “lite” version? It may look similar and be called by the same name, but it’s definitely not like the original. In fact, it’s pretty disappointing. That’s how it is with MSP Lite.

Is Your IT Support Team in Microsoft Teams?

If you’ve been working in Microsoft Teams for a while, you’ve likely made it the go-to space for your workday. Because of its capabilities to keep you organized and in touch with your coworkers, moving out of Teams for other communications – like contacting your IT support help desk – can seem downright inconvenient.

XPERTECHS Becomes a Datto Blue Diamond Partner

Ellicott City, MD (February 15, 2021) – XPERTECHS, announced it has achieved exclusive Blue Diamond partner status with Datto, the leading global provider of cloud-based software and technology solutions purpose-built for delivery by managed service providers (MSPs). Datto Blue Diamond status represents the top 5 percent of the company’s partners, worldwide.