Afraid of New Technology?

It might be commendable to fix and patch your lawn mower, your snow blower, or even your car until it finally gives out. It’s a different story, however, when you’re talking about the technology that runs your business and one reason why business leaders insist on stalling new technology investments is because they’re afraid.

3 Cyber Insurance Myths Busted

You didn’t used to need cyber insurance, but now you do if you want to make sure that your cybersecurity strategy does what it’s supposed to do. The goal of cybersecurity isn’t just to prevent cyber attacks. It’s to give you the ability to bounce back if and when you have an intrusion.

Questions Answered About Cyber Insurance and Cybersecurity Strategy

We recently hosted a webinar for our clients to help them become better informed buyers of cyber insurance. The positive response that we received from clients confirmed for us that managing cyber risk is an increasing concern for business leaders. In fact, some of our clients opened up participation in the webinar to their management staff which was a signal that they understand that cybersecurity is everyone’s job.

Can I Outsource Managed IT Services and Keep My IT Staff?

If you’re holding back on outsourcing Managed IT Services because you really don’t want to let go of your internal IT staff, there’s a solution that you may not have considered – use both. Having both outsourced and internal IT can bring you benefits that you can’t get when you go with one or the other.

How to Get More From Your IT Budget

No one likes to waste money. If you knew that right now your organization was leaking money because of the way IT is managed, you’d want to plug the leak. Some of the ways that you can waste money are due to a lack of oversight on spending. Some are due to poor decisions.

Security Operations Center (SOC) Explained

Airports have traffic control towers to monitor and manage the activity going in and out of the airport. The controllers have a deluge of information coming at them – from communications with pilots to weather forecasts. They’re trained to manage all of this information and use it to safely direct traffic.

The MSSP Difference: Cybersecurity Confidence

Hope isn’t the same as confidence when it comes to cybersecurity. If you’re just hoping that your IT team has all of the cybersecurity bases covered for your organization, then you’re bound to have some sleepless nights wondering if tomorrow will be the day when you have to deal with the impact of a cyber attack.