Donation to Provide 10,000 Meals Through the Maryland Food Bank

When you think about a food bank and its role to provide for those in need, the picture in your mind isn’t nearly as sophisticated as it needs to be to describe the Maryland Food Bank.

As it continues in its mission to ease food insecurity throughout the state, the Maryland Food Bank has been evolving their service model.

Better Business Outcomes with a Managed IT Partner

All managed IT service companies are not created equal. That’s why it can be so hard to evaluate companies and pick the one that’s going to deliver the business outcomes that you want. What you’re looking for in a Managed Service Provider (MSP) is one that’s going to act more like a partner than a provider and the way to do that is to include discussion about business outcomes in your conversations.

What to Expect When You Transition to a New Managed IT Service Company

When you’re anticipating a switch to a different IT managed service provider, the experience that you have in the transition will largely depend on the incoming company’s onboarding process and the outgoing company’s cooperation. You can’t control how amiable your old provider is going to be when you tell them you’re moving on, but you can be prepared by knowing what a good transition looks like.

Managed IT Services Costs and Contracts – What to Expect

Part of the reason why business leaders decide that managed IT services are the best way to resource IT is because they want predictable costs. However, Managed Services Providers (MSP) don’t all operate on the same model, so you need to be clear about what’s included and what’s not in your monthly fee.

Plan Ahead to Avoid Computer Equipment Supply Problems

If you’ve ordered a docking station or a computer monitor and it hasn’t been delivered yet, you might wonder if it’s on a container ship stuck in the bottleneck of vessels trying to dock at US ports, or if it’s even been manufactured at all.

Shortages of components and workers have contributed to the supply and demand problems that manufacturers and consumers are facing for everything from computer hardware to new cars.

3 Ways to Enhance Employees’ Cyber-Safe Behavior

When it comes to keeping your data and network protected from cyber criminals, you need both technical and non-technical layers of security. One without the other won’t do and in fact, they’re better together. Cybersecurity awareness training is the best non-technical way to defend against intrusions due to human error, poor judgment, or plain lack of knowledge, but you can improve your human line of defense when you combine technical and non-technical security tactics.

Phishing – Some Things Change, Some Never Will

Phishing. Pronounced the same as “fishing” and works in pretty much the same way. Some kind of bait is used to lure the target closer until it bites. Most likely you’ve seen graphics that portray an analogy between “phishing” and “fishing” with a credit card and a fishing hook.

How to Get People to Care About Cybersecurity

In a world where 90% of cyber attacks utilize social engineering to exploit human weakness and bring about errors in judgment, it makes sense that beefing up the security skills of computer users would decrease cyber criminal success. Secure behavior can be taught yet many organizations still struggle with getting everyone to understand their responsibility for security.

Your Vendors Are Responsible for YOUR Cybersecurity

It wouldn’t be out of the ordinary if you were notified that an employee who had been let go was filing an unemployment claim. But if that claim concerned an employee who was still happily employed, you’d know that there was a problem. And if that employee was actually the president and owner of the company, you’d know for sure that someone was trying to commit unemployment insurance fraud.