What Architecture and Engineering Firms Need from Managed IT Services

There are many challenges to meet when you’re operating a business in the architecture or engineering industries, but technology shouldn’t be one of them. Your technology should help you to meet your challenges. However, you might not be getting all the benefits that IT can bring unless you have the right managed IT services partner.

How to Prevent a Cyber Attack with a Simple Phone Call

If a phone call meant the difference between losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in a cyber attack, or avoiding one altogether, would you make that call? Of course, you would. Yet cyber criminals continue to divert payments from their rightful destinations because businesses don’t have a policy in place to validate requests for changes in financial procedures.

How to Get an Outstanding IT Project Experience

Think about the experiences that you’ve had with technology improvements. Did the IT projects you’ve been involved with interrupt business operations? Did they finish on time and on budget? Did they bring you the results that were promised?

If these questions are stirring up some bad memories, you’re not alone.

The Right Way and Wrong Way to Invest in Technology

Lots of business leaders are more than willing to invest in technology. They just want to get the outcomes that are promised in return. Is that too much to ask? Previous experiences with technology investments that didn’t meet expectations would make anyone cautious about going down a road to nowhere a second time.

XPERTECHS Recognized as a Best-in-Class Business on the MSP 501 List

(June 30, 2022 – Ellicott City, Maryland) XPERTECHS is on Channel Future’s 2022 MSP 501 List for 2022. The list recognizes high performing managed IT service providers based on their growth and level of innovation.

Competition for a place on the list was higher compared to previous years because of a record number of applicants.

5 Cybersecurity Mistakes Business Leaders Make

In a world where cyber threats are increasing every day, your business sustainability is in large part resting on your cybersecurity strategy. Yet, executives and even some IT managers don’t have a good handle on what it takes to build and maintain a strong cyber defense.

Use Training to Boost Employee Satisfaction and Retention

There isn’t a company out there that can be complacent about employee retention. You’d be surprised at how many of your loyal employees would be open to a new job opportunity if it was presented to them. In fact, one study indicates that 73% of potential job candidates are what’s considered passive job seekers.