Working in the Professional Services Department at XPERTECHS

As a managed IT service provider, it’s our job to oversee the day-to-day workings of our clients’ IT systems and respond when issues pop up but that’s not all we do. We also assist companies when they want to change or improve their technology and that’s where the Professional Services department comes in.

Do You Need a Pen Test to Find Out if Your Network is Secure?

If you’re unsure about the strength of your cybersecurity posture, you might be wondering if you need a penetration test (pen test). A pen test is a robust method for finding security gaps. However, it’s not the first thing that business leaders should go to when they’re wondering about the effectiveness of their network security.

Working in the Service Department at XPERTECHS

You might think that technical expertise is the most important skill needed to work on the Service Desk team at XPERTECHS but that’s only partly true. You need foundational knowledge about IT, but it’s vital to have the communication skills that are necessary to put the person on the other end of the phone at ease.

Boost Business Success with a Co-managed IT Partner

When your IT team isn’t able to get to all of the tasks that are required to run a high-functioning IT department, it can be hard for them to ask for help. They may consider admitting they can’t do it all as a defeat. They may feel pressure about adding anything more to the IT budget.

7 Things to Start Doing to Improve Cybersecurity

Have you heard of the “Stop Keep Start” exercise? It’s a technique to evaluate the behaviors an organization is using to support a strategy. We’re using this questioning procedure to look at practices that support an effective cybersecurity strategy.

Prevent Organizational Brain Drain with Business Process Automation

Is there someone in your organization who is the go-to person for a certain process or activity? What would happen if that person left your company? You’d be in bad shape if the activities that you count on to take place were facilitated by their magic spreadsheets and a knack for remembering all of the steps that need to happen.

Don’t Overlook the Basics in Your Cybersecurity Strategy

Have you audited your organization’s cybersecurity strategy lately? Cybersecurity is a process, and not a project. Processes need to be evaluated from time to time to make sure that they continue to serve the business. When it comes to cybersecurity, there are some parts of the process that need to change, some that need to continue.

XPERTECHS is on the Elite Tech 250 List

(March 20, 2023 - Columbia, Maryland) XPERTECHS is on CRN’s 2023 Elite Tech 250 list. This recognition is exclusively for managed IT service providers that have achieved the highest level of expertise and hold both individual and company-wide certifications from IT vendors in infrastructure, cloud, and security technologies.

The Next Layer of Protection for Identity Management

There’s one thing that stays the same about cybersecurity – it’s always changing. It’s always changing because cyber criminals are constantly evolving their tactics. That means that you can never get to a place where you’ve “arrived” with your security posture.

7 Things to STOP Doing to Enhance Cybersecurity

While staying up to date with cybersecurity tactics is an important part of your security strategy, you shouldn’t focus solely on adding new tools and processes. You also need to think of behaviors and practices that you need to stop doing.

Sometimes you need to stop certain behaviors because doing things the way you’ve always done them doesn’t serve your organization anymore.