How to Prepare for an IT Strategy Meeting

A call that any managed IT services company does NOT want to receive from a client goes something like this – “Just calling to make sure everything will be set up in our new offices next Monday.” And the managed services provider says – “What new office?”

The scramble that happens next is bound to cause problems and frustrations for both the managed service provider (MSP) and their client.

The Price of Cybersecurity

If you use the internet to do business, you need cybersecurity. Keeping your organization secure is an expense that you may not have noticed when your needs were simple. Today, however, you need more than a firewall and a few filters to protect your people and data from cyber criminals.

Security for Your Microsoft 365 Login

Your Microsoft 365 account is a prime target for cyber criminals. They want you to give them your username and password so they can get into your account, sneak around, and discover how they can monetize their infiltration of your organization. Having Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) has put up a big barrier to cyber criminal sights on Microsoft accounts, but it’s still happening.

Top Telltale Signs of Phishing

You wouldn’t think that people would fall for the same old trick again and again, but they do. That’s why phishing remains a prime tactic for cyber criminals who would rather get someone to open the door for them instead of trying to bust through technical barriers to get to your IT systems and company accounts.

Are Your Company Smartphones Secure?

Smartphones have become a vital part of daily life. They make it easy for us to integrate our personal and professional lives together as they put the world of knowledge on the internet at our fingertips. From ordering groceries and making mortgage payments, to communicating and collaborating with coworkers, we can’t live without our phones.

How a Managed IT Service Company Can Help You Navigate the Changing Demands of Your Government Contract Workload

If you do some or all of your work as a government contractor, you know that your needs for computer hardware and software can change quickly. One minute you could be a 45-person company, and then the next minute you need to ramp up to 200 employees. When all of those new employees need to be equipped with computers, monitors, peripheral accessories and programs to do their jobs, having a managed IT services partner that can scale up and down with you easily makes a big difference in how you handle the peaks and valleys of your workload.