XPERTECHS is on the Baltimore Business Journal’s 2023 Fast 50 List

(Columbia, MD - November 3, 2023) XPERTECHS is 46th on the Baltimore Business Journal’s 2023 Top 50 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in Greater Baltimore. Placement on the list is a reflection of XPERTECHS’ commitment to their mission to help companies improve operations and enable success with IT.

As the market for managed IT services has matured and business leaders have had experience with different IT support companies, they’re no longer satisfied with less than stellar results from vendors who can’t deliver what they promise.

Phishing – Old Tricks and New Tactics

Phishing is a cyber-criminal tactic that continues to threaten organizations of all sizes. While the objective of phishing to gain access to IT systems remains the same, tactics have changed. In this article we’re going to take insights from CrowdStrike’s 2023 Threat Report and observations from our own Security Operations Center to give you a current view of phishing trends.

Secure Your Digital Workplace with Microsoft 365 Hardening

Has your IT team ever revisited any of the settings in your Microsoft 365 platform to make sure they’re in line with cybersecurity best practices? When your Microsoft applications are configured correctly for security, they’re hardened. Not every managed service provider (MSP) is doing this, and many don’t know how to do it in the first place.

What is Zero Trust?

When someone knocks on the front door of your house, is your first response to open the door and let them in? That might be the case for your friends, family and other people who routinely visit your house. For everyone else you must find out who they are and what business they might have with you or your family members before you decide to allow them to cross your threshold.

Working in the Cybersecurity and Centralized Services Department

There’s a group of people at XPERTECHS who work almost exclusively behind the scenes, but they have a huge impact on client success. These are the professionals in the Cybersecurity and Centralized Services department. These folks spend their days (and sometimes nights) managing and monitoring IT systems so that a little hiccup doesn’t turn into a big outage, and they make sure that cyber intruders get stopped in their tracks.

Technology for Better Meetings

We’re all accustomed to online meetings. It was the only way to bring people together when the COVID-19 pandemic sent people home to work. While some workers have returned to the office, it’s become evident for many companies that they’re always going to have remote workers, either fully remote, hybrid or both, and that presents a different work scenario.

Cybersecurity Guidelines for Business Travel

Technology has made it easy to work from just about any location where you can get an internet connection. However, working from your home office that’s been set up to be secure isn’t the same as when you’re traveling. There are a few things you can do before and during your trip to make sure that you can connect to your corporate accounts and data securely so you can work from anywhere.

Secure and Scale Your Business with Desktop Virtualization

When business leaders are introduced to desktop virtualization, it’s often within the context of improving security. A high level of security is a major benefit of desktop virtualization but a virtual way of working also provides more services and features than what you may be offering employees now, all with less effort and lower upfront costs.