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Columbia, Maryland

What Do Interns at XPERTECHS Do?

When you work as an intern here, you’re not going to get stuck fetching coffee and lunch. We’re also not going to dump you on the Help Desk taking calls from customers.

We want our interns to have a positive learning experience that sets them up for a great start to a rewarding career in IT. We typically have interns work in a few areas of our business that help them learn how a managed IT service provider operates and give them opportunities to flex their technical talents.

XPERTECHS managed IT services

What's a Managed IT Service Provider?

A Managed IT Service provider operates as an outsourced IT department for small to medium-sized businesses. Through sound IT and cybersecurity management, and strategic guidance for technology direction and investments, clients are able to use IT as a competitive advantage while managing cyber risks.

IT professionals who work for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) get to work on a variety of different IT environments that represent different industries and business needs. The work is challenging, rewarding, and essential for modern business sustainability and growth.

Interns Work Towards Personal Learning Goals

When you’re an intern at XPERTECHS, we’ll work with you and your college advisor to establish personal learning goals that align with the types of projects that interns are typically involved with when they work with us. Projects may include:

  • Workshop Team – Image, build and set up computers
  • Service Desk – Get a taste for what it’s like to troubleshoot issues
  • Administrative – Learn about software and hardware through licensing
  • Automation – Learn about low code automation and Microsoft Power Apps
  • Cybersecurity – Learn about cybersecurity best practices

Internship FAQs

Who should apply? College juniors and seniors.

Who is this not a good fit for? We’re not in the business of developing software or working with open-source code.

Are interns paid? Yes. We wouldn’t dream of making you work for free.

Can I keep working at XPERTECHS when my internship is over but I’m still in college? We’d love to have that conversation with you.

What do career opportunities look like beyond an internship? Interns are uniquely positioned to move to Service Desk, Workshop, Security or Automation roles when there are openings.

Interested? Here’s How to Apply

We only take one intern a semester, so the earlier you apply the better. Apply by clicking here.

Once we get your resume, we’ll review it and determine which candidates will be invited to take the next step. Then we’ll schedule an initial online meeting to learn more about you and your education and career goals, and you’ll get your questions answered.

If we both decide that this looks like a good fit, we’ll ask you to meet with us at our Ellicott City office. Then we’ll make our final decision as to who will be awarded the internship position.


What you’ll find at XPERTECHS is a team of technology specialists who love to help people. We value collaboration and communication, and the relationships that are naturally forged when people enjoy working together. The company is family owned and operated by two generations. There’s a transparency and open-door policy here that you won’t find in big corporations. Your input and contributions will be valued, and your work appreciated as you have a direct impact on client and company success.  

Here's What Our Employees Say

Chris F

“My career path has changed and grown. I started out as the Marketing Manager and now I’m the Operations Manager.”

— Chris, Operations Manager

“I absolutely love the fact that XPERTECHS is invested in their employees and helps them to succeed at what they do.”

— Amber, Support Specialist II

“I’m pretty loyal and I look for that back from the company as well. I learned early on that I was amongst some pretty talented and dedicated people.”

— Will, Service Desk Team Lead

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