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Backup and disaster recovery are keys to managing the daily operational risks of a growing company. Yet, the process of backing up business data and infrastructure can require specialized tools and dedicated resources. Not to mention backup is “out of sight, out of mind” until something goes wrong and it’s too late to recover.

XPERTECHS backup and recovery team is aimed at preventing costly productivity and monetary losses through our customized BDR solutions. Deploying the latest cloud and virtualization technologies the XPERTECHS BDR solution addresses all your backup needs with a focus on security, reliability, and recovery.

Reliability: The process to run and maintain a backup of your critical business data can be manual, costly, and error-prone. Do you know the last time your backup was successful? How old are the tapes and drives used in the process? What is your backup retention period? XPERTECHS BDR solution eliminates the risk of manual backup through automated scheduling, 24x7 management, and routine backup testing and maintenance. No more tapes, drives, and failures – XPERTECHS BDR solution backs up data as frequently as 15 minutes.
Security: Critical business data is a valuable asset. Financial records, human resources information, and customer data should not only be backed up but secured in the process. XPERTECHS BDR solution provides a 256bit encryption of all your critical business data so your business controls access. Encryption, on-site redundancy, cloud storage, and site-to-site replication are all accomplished through secure encryption protocols.
Recovery: Backups are only as good as their ability to be full restored. XPERTECHS BDR solutions are customized to meet your business recovery timeline and includes both server and workstation systems. In the event of data loss or severe disaster your critical business applications (email, files, and applications) are retrievable in minutes. Our comprehensive backup solutions even allow for your critical servers to be virtualized minimizing downtime to your business!

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