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Business Guidance, Project Management and Support for Cloud Computing

Recommendations and Strategy

We help our clients determine which cloud services will help them meet their goals.

Migration and Project Management

Our detailed planning process gives clients a seamless cloud migration experience.

Ongoing IT Support and Management

Clients get the support they need to assist users, make changes, and troubleshoot problems.

Is the Cloud Right for Your Business?

There’s no doubt that cloud computing is here to stay. Cloud services can give businesses the flexibility to grow and decrease costs in capital expenditures. The cloud is not going to instantly solve all of your IT problems, however, and it’s not going to magically cut all your IT costs. Decisions about cloud services need to be made with business objectives in mind and quite frankly, sometimes cloud computing is right and sometimes it isn’t.

At XPERTECHS, assessing the suitability of cloud technologies is part of the ongoing conversation that we have with clients to create their overall IT strategy. The catalysts for cloud discussions are varied. It could be a situation where servers need to be updated, or the business needs to provide identical technology to multiple locations and remote workers. The bottom line, is that the decision needs to be based on business objectives and how the web based solution is going to contribute to achieving success.

What is the Cloud anyway?

If you’re not all that sure what “the Cloud” is and how it can help your business, don’t worry. Essentially, cloud computing means that you’re using the internet to access a server that is located at a different physical location. That server could have a software program like email or your line of business application. It could be a place where you store files or your database. You could even have a good portion of your organization’s IT network in the cloud. Instead of buying the server space that you’re using, you rent it by buying a subscription for what you need.

Cloud Migration and Project Management

A cloud service transition is a lot more complicated than you might expect. At XperTECHS, we guide our clients through every step along the way to give them the best experience possible with minimal interruptions to their business operations. A great cloud migration is all about planning, testing, and following a controlled process. We attend to all of the details so that the end result is that operations are improved, and people are empowered - not hindered - by their new technology tools.

XperCARE – How We Support Cloud Computing

We support our clients’ needs for cloud computing through XperCARE managed IT services. Despite what you might think, using cloud services doesn’t eliminate IT support. It just changes what IT support looks like. Your cloud vendor isn’t going to troubleshoot any issues that you have with the devices that you’re using to access services. They’re also not going to be too concerned whether you have adequate backups or whether your printers work or not.

Our XperCARE framework is designed to create smooth running IT systems. When cloud services are included in your technology environment, our goal remains the same – predictable IT systems that allow you to improve operations and achieve business success.

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