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With corporate IT systems under increasing pressure due to the number of users, locations and devices requiring access to key IT infrastructure and software, now is the right time to consider virtualization. By creating a centralized virtual IT environment that is remotely hosted on a server, separate from any one piece of hardware, you can simplify and regulate your users' systems.

Routine processes such as the management of employee desktops, delivery of software, performing backups and recovery, and implementing system-wide protocols and updates, all become faster, easier and more efficient. You can cut your costs, minimize time spent on IT maintenance, reduce your company's carbon footprint, improve the user experience, simplify IT management, and increase the productivity of your employees and systems.

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The Benefits of Choosing XPERTECHS

XPERTECHS design, evaluate, implement and provide managed Citrix support in Maryland.

Citrix is one of the world's trusted leaders in virtualization, with a specialist in delivering software applications remotely via network or the web. These applications are provided through its Delivery Center, an innovative virtualized platform that centralizes your data center, giving high-performance and high-security access to every user.

This access is not tied to any physical location, so your users are able to work on a secure and stable virtual desktop from anywhere in the world, at any time, and on any virtualization-enabled device. Retain your key personnel by offering a variety of flexible alternatives for working.

This centralized approach will enable you to organize your IT infrastructure to be more efficient. Update software once and the update will be carried out across all desktops. With fewer servers to manage, your IT staff will be able to reduce time spent on provision and configuration.

Secure backups and migrations can be performed without any disruption to the other user environments – an end to scheduled downtime. As your company grows, it is easy to increase provisions for server capacity and create new desktops and work groups.

These are just some of the benefits that virtualization can bring to modern companies.

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