Secure and Scale Your Business with Desktop Virtualization

When business leaders are introduced to desktop virtualization, it’s often within the context of improving security. A high level of security is a major benefit of desktop virtualization but a virtual way of working also provides more services and features than what you may be offering employees now, all with less effort and lower upfront costs.

Working in the Professional Services Department at XPERTECHS

As a managed IT service provider, it’s our job to oversee the day-to-day workings of our clients’ IT systems and respond when issues pop up but that’s not all we do. We also assist companies when they want to change or improve their technology and that’s where the Professional Services department comes in.

Do You Need a Pen Test to Find Out if Your Network is Secure?

If you’re unsure about the strength of your cybersecurity posture, you might be wondering if you need a penetration test (pen test). A pen test is a robust method for finding security gaps. However, it’s not the first thing that business leaders should go to when they’re wondering about the effectiveness of their network security.