MFA Explained: What It Is – Why You Need It

Would hearing news about break-ins and burglaries in your neighborhood cause you to check your window and door locks to see if you were doing what was needed to secure your house? You bet it would! You’d make sure that the dead bolt was being used in addition to the doorknob lock, and you’d confirm with your whole family that they knew what to do when they’re home and when they leave the house.

Microsoft Power Apps Use Case: PTO Request Process Streamlined and Improved

What Can You Do with Microsoft Power Apps?
USE CASE: PTO Request Process Streamlined and Improved
To request time off, staff at a small company of 30 employees would email the General Manager with the dates that they needed to be away. To approve the request, the manager would reply to the employee’s email and put the dates on the company intranet calendar.