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Virtual CIO Services from XPERTECHS – Your Dedicated Technology Advisor

Today, business and technology must go hand-in-hand to allow for positive growth and prosperity. New technologies emerge every day, and if you do not have an expert who can implement them your business is at risk of falling behind your competitors.

XPERTECHS knows that you need a technology resource that can understand your business. That is why we have created a specialized service called our vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer), a dedicated and experienced technology advisor.

By leveraging XPERTECHS’ vCIO service, your business does not get just another IT guy, but a “Trusted Advisor” who guides your team through the complexity of technology.

How the vCIO Works

XPERTECHS assigns each customer their own vCIO who becomes a part of their team. This individual studies the ins-and-outs of your business from not only a technology standpoint, but from a business angle to get a full understanding of how your employees are utilizing technology to accomplish their daily tasks.

After a thorough evaluation of your business, the vCIO will meet with you to discuss where you want to (should) be in 1-3 years, as it relates to technology and your company. The vCIO will then create a custom technology roadmap that will be the guide for keeping your business ahead of the competition.

Your vCIO will also provide:

  • Quarterly Technology Reviews
    Your XPERTECHS vCIO will meet with you every quarter, to review all services performed, current business initiatives, timelines and statuses for existing projects, and recommendations for the future.
  • Project Management
    Your vCIO will provide management of your technology projects, by focusing on deliverables and providing a single point of contact and accountability.
  • Strategic Planning
    Your vCIO will be an “Xpert” resource to assist in strategic planning and decision making.
  • IT Budget Planning
    Your assigned vCIO will help analyze your IT from a business standpoint, and assist in creating a budget that meets both your organizational and technological needs.

The Benefits of a vCIO

There are many benefits in hiring a vCIO over adding another IT guy, including:

  • Experience
    Your vCIO is guaranteed to have worked with hundreds of businesses in the Baltimore/Washington corridor, including many in your industry, and has provided measurable results.
  • Cost Effectiveness
    By hiring a vCIO you are gaining the experience and benefits of a full-time IT executive, at a fraction of the cost!
  • Someone You Can Trust
    By hiring an XPERTECHS vCIO, you join an advanced group of local businesses who trust XPERTECHS with their critical data, like:

Let XPERTECHS Take Your Business To The Next Level… And Beyond!

Don’t make strategic technology decisions without consulting with an expert – get sound advice from Virtual CIO consultants who have helped many businesses like yours move forward with confidence.

To speak with one of our Xpert vCIOs about your technology, call us today at 410-884-0225 or fill-out the form below and a member of our staff will contact you shortly.

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