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Senior Field Engineer

Full-time, Columbia MD

What You'll Do

As a Senior Field Engineer at XPERTECHS, you’ll spend your days traveling from client site to client site setting up new computer hardware, software, and telecommunications equipment. You’ll plan your day according to what’s on the project deployment schedule and the logistics needed to get to each location. While you’re onsite you may also assist with support requests and emergencies, acting as the eyes and hands for support engineers who are working the issue. You’ll become the face of XPERTECHS as you interact with the point-of-contact and individual computer users at client companies who will get to know you on a first-name basis.

Who You'll Work With

You’ll work closely with the Project Team to deploy hardware associated with technology improvement projects that could be anything from installing laptops or firewalls, to switching out phone hardware.

You’ll communicate regularly with the folks in Procurement and the build Workshop, who will be receiving, imaging, and configuring equipment before installation. 

You’ll have lots of interaction with clients while you’re onsite and you’ll get to know their IT systems as you create and maintain documentation about their environments. Occasionally, you’ll hear about needs that you can pass on to the Sales Team. 

From time to time, you’ll get requests for support while you’re onsite that you can either take care of yourself or facilitate a handoff to the Support Team. You’ll also collaborate with Support and Engineering if you notice something that needs attention, or they need hands on an issue or task. 

XPERTECHS managed IT services

What Success Looks Like

t’s been a good day when you know that you used your time well and handled problems as they came up, while giving clients a great experience. Your day wasn’t too full or too light because you carefully planned it out, taking into consideration the time needed for loading and driving, plus performing the installation and support tasks. It feels good knowing that the people you met that day were glad to see you and appreciated what you and the XPERTECHS team do to make their lives easier.

Who's a Great Fit for This Role

You might be a good fit for this Senior Field Engineer position if you’re good with technology but you don’t want to be tied to a desk all day. You’re a planner and get satisfaction from moving through your plan, but you’re not destroyed when circumstances require that you change your plan. You don’t mind driving and you have an excellent driving record. You’re personable, friendly, and calm under pressure. You have a knack for knowing the right thing to say and people like to be around you.

How You Can Grow Your Career

The Senior Field Engineer position is considered a management position and we’re a growing company, so you will have the opportunity to build the Field Engineering Team as well as your leadership capabilities. At XPERTECHS, we’ll support your professional development with training and opportunities to attain new certifications. If your interest gets drawn to security or another specialty area of IT, there may be opportunities to move to a different role that meets your professional goals.


What you’ll find at XPERTECHS is a team of technology specialists who love to help people. We value collaboration and communication, and the relationships that are naturally forged when people enjoy working together. The company is family owned and operated by two generations. There’s a transparency and open-door policy here that you won’t find in big corporations. Your input and contributions will be valued, and your work appreciated as you have a direct impact on client and company success.

Qualifications We're Looking For


— Previous experience performing onsite technology installations, maintenance and troubleshooting.

— Excellent driving record.

— Must be an effective communicator with internal teams as well client point-of-contacts and individual computer users.

— Shares information and communicates clearly with team members to improve team effectiveness.

— Must be able to work both autonomously and collaboratively in a small team environment.

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Here's What Our Employees Say

Jon, Service Desk Lead

“I feel respected and cared for at XPERTECHS, especially compared to my previous company. They treat you like family and they’ve become great industry mentors for me. ” 


“Michael and Mike are transparent about the status of the company and what they expect of you. I don’t feel like I’ve ever been misled on anything.”

— Amber

Chris F

“We have our goals and we’re focused but it’s kind of a little more laid back where you can joke around and such.”

— Chris

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