Remote Access Service in Columbia, Maryland

Maryland remote access service from XPERTECHS provides a cost-effective way to connect your employees to your Columbia, Baltimore, or Annapolis, Maryland facility any time, from anywhere in the world! With a Remote Access connection, you and your employees are always in the office. That is because all that’s required is an internet connection and a laptop, smartphone, or any other internet capable device. Your company’s network is secure and accessible from wherever you happen to be. The world doesn’t stop when you leave the office and now, neither do you!

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Do you have a big meeting in New York, but need a presentation on your desktop in Columbia? With Maryland Remote Access from XPERTECHS you can access that file on your laptop! Are you feeling a bit under the weather but have a report due in Baltimore this afternoon? Remote Access allows you to work from home with ease! Did you have to send an employee on a potentially profitable sales call in Dallas, but still need him in the loop in Annapolis? His office is at his fingertips in seconds with Remote Access! The connection is secure and the possibilities are endless.

Each year, more employees are choosing to telecommute to work. Rising gas prices, family obligations, and office distractions provide an increased hardship to many workers. A recent study found that 86% of telecommuters surveyed feel more productive when they can work from the comfort of their home office. More productivity + lower overhead = an increased bottom line for your company! As your accessibility grows with Remote Access from XPERTECHS, the door opens to bright and profitable employees for whom a 40-hour office week is not possible!

Business trips are sometimes necessary and can potentially make your company a lot of money, but they also come with lots of down time. With Remote Access, your mobile employees can work in the hotel. They can work through layovers at the airport. They can even work on the plane. If they have a wi-fi signal, they can work just as if they were sitting in your office. There is no longer such a thing as wasted time or opportunity for your company! XPERTECHS Remote Access services Maryland’s best, brightest, and most valuable employees with the tools to succeed like never before.

With XPERTECHS, an affordable, secure, and reliable to connection to your facility in Columbia, Annapolis, or Baltimore, Maryland is within reach and more possible than ever. When your office has no walls, the sky is truly the limit!

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