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Office Administrator

Full-time, Columbia MD

What You'll Do

As the Office Administrator at XPERTECHS, you’ll be the friendly voice that greets callers on the phone and the oil that keeps the wheels spinning for business operations. On a typical day you might be assisting with the preparation of sales proposals, proofreading marketing documents, updating client info in the database, and arranging meetings. Sometimes you may need to run a few local errands. You’ll take care of ordering office supplies, business cards, company shirts and swag. The variety of activities in your day will make the time pass quickly and you’ll never be bored.

Who You'll Work With

You’ll report to the Operations Manager who oversees the administrative functions of the business. Your responsibilities will grow as you become familiar with the business and discover where your time is best utilized.

You’ll support Leadership, preparing documents for meetings, assisting with communications, and arranging meetings.

From time to time, you’ll assist the Procurement Specialist with shipping and receiving, and inventory.

You may not work directly with the Support Team but you’ll get to know them as you learn about how we deliver IT services to our clients.

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What Success Looks Like

Your role will be to alleviate the administrative burden from management. As they rely on you more and more, you’ll know that you’re making an impact. When you get to the end of the day and you look at all you did and how you moved gracefully from one task to the next, you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished a lot.

Office admin talking with coworker

Who's a Great Fit for This Role

This is definitely a job for a “people person” who is a great communicator and listener. You don’t always need directions for every step but can take broad instruction and run with it. People comment on how organized you are and how flexible you can be when circumstances change. While you like structure and appreciate the value of having a process, you’re not afraid to question how things are done when you think there’s a better way to accomplish an objective. 

How You Can Grow Your Career

This is a new position at XPERTECHS so you’ll have the opportunity to help mold how the role operates within our organization. We’ll support your professional development as an Administrative Professional with appropriate training and learning opportunities.


What you’ll find at XPERTECHS is a team of technology specialists who love to help people. We value collaboration and communication, and the relationships that are naturally forged when people enjoy working together. The company is family owned and operated by two generations. There’s a transparency and open-door policy here that you won’t find in big corporations. Your input and contributions will be valued, and your work appreciated as you have a direct impact on client and company success.  

Qualifications We're Looking For

Minimum Requirements:

  • 2-year degree or other post-secondary education
  • Previous office administration experience a plus
  • Familiar with general office procedures
  • Comfortable with learning new software
  • Excellent communicator both verbal and written
  • Professional and calm demeanor while managing priorities
  • Organized and detail oriented

Here's What Our Employees Say

Chris F

“I’ve been able to grow because of leadership. Michael has been a great mentor for a lot of us. His door is always open.” 

— Chris

“Michael and Mike are transparent about the status of the company and what they expect of you. I don’t feel like I’ve ever been misled on anything.”

— Amber


“My input is taken seriously. I can tell when I get a response that someone thought about it before responding to a question or idea or solution that I had come up with.”

— Alex

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