Microsoft 365 Resources

XPERTECHS is a Microsoft Gold Partner. We support clients with Microsoft 365 and collaborate with them to find opportunities to optimize and customize applications to improve operations.

What Can You Do With Microsoft 365?

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5 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do with Microsoft SharePoint

Learn how you can use SharePoint and Microsoft apps to track inventory, manage invoices, enable onboarding and collaborate.

Get Organized, Save Time and Stay on Track with Microsoft Planner

When project management tools are too complicated, Microsoft Planner might be just what you need to get organized and facilitate teamwork.

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5 Signs That It's Time to Move to SharePoint

SharePoint is Microsoft’s file storage platform that can streamline processes, beef up security, optimize remote working, and improve operations.

Microsoft Power Platform

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Still Using Paper, Spreadsheets and Manual Processes? Time for a Power Apps Intervention

Learn how you can streamline processes and improve operations without custom coding with Microsoft Power Apps

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Power Apps Use Case: PTO Request Process Streamlined and Improved

Microsoft Power Apps improved the employee PTO request process, eliminating manual steps and increasing visibility for management and employees.

Power Apps Use Case: Onsite Inspection Process More Accurate and Efficient

XPERTECHS created a process automation using Microsoft Power Apps to improve the accuracy and speed of an onsite inspection process.

Microsoft Teams

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More Than Video Conferencing - What Can You Do with Microsoft Teams?

Not only is Microsoft Teams great for video conferencing, it pulls people and capabilities together into a cohesive, dynamic workspace.

Person using Teams for messaging on smartphone

Teams Use Case: Message with Teams Instead of SMS

XPERTECHS helped a company utilize Microsoft Teams instead of text messaging to document supply shipments at various locations.

Is Your IT Support Team in Teams?

XPERTECHS provides IT support functions through Microsoft Teams that allows clients to report a problem, request services or get training.