IT Resources

Learn about cybersecurity, IT management and how to leverage technology to improve operations and enable success. Business leaders don’t need to know everything about IT to manage technology. They do, however, need to stay up to date with IT trends and the latest information about cyber risk management. These resources are designed with an executive perspective to help you stay informed.

Client Success Stories

Bonstra and Haresign architects at office

Bonstra | Haresign ARCHITECHTS Switched to XPERTECHS Just In Time for the Remote Work Exodus

When Bonstra | Haresign ARCHITECTS decided to change IT support companies, they had no idea how much this decision would affect their ability to continue business operations in the coming weeks.

Attorneys standing at office

XPERTECHS Fast-Tracked Virtual Upsizing at Friedman, Framme and Thrush, P.A.

The Friedman, Framme and Thrush law firm worked with XPERTECHS to create the IT foundation that would support remote workers long before the COVID-19 pandemic forced their employees to go home to work.

Microsoft Teams Voice Implementation Takes Phone Worries Off CFO's Radar

When HBW Construction’s VoIP phone system became unreliable, XPERTECHS helped them to explore their options. They picked Teams Voice and had a smooth rollout that provided a great experience and took phone worries off the CFO’s plate.


Get More Work Done With Business Process Automation

Say “No More” to paper, spreadsheets and manual processes and learn how to streamline and improve operations with Microsoft Power Apps.

How to Position Your Organization to Navigate Evolving Threats

Michael Mellott and Ruth Sliviak help you learn how security strategy and cyber insurance go hand in hand when it comes to managing cyber risk.

Calling Made Simple with Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Learn how you can pull voice communications into Microsoft Teams and reap the benefits that come from a  platform that has everything you would expect and more!


8 Things You're Doing in Your Business That Could Lead to a Cyber Attack

Find out if you’re allowing some behaviors and common practices to negate your security efforts and get guidelines that will help you tighten up the gaps.

5 Signs That IT is Underperforming

Get questions you can ask to either confirm your suspicions or restore your confidence in your IT team’s capabilities. Either way, you’ll learn something new.

How to Up Your Game with Managed IT Services

Learn why your business needs a technology partner and not just an IT provider, and get guidelines on how to evaluate Managed IT Services companies.