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Computer Deployment Technician

Full-time, Columbia MD

What You'll Do

As a Computer Deployment Technician at XPERTECHS, you’ll image machines and get them setup with the specific software that each user needs. When computers return from clients, you’ll wipe them so they’re ready for the next user. Each job ticket will have all the details you need to build the machine according to established profiles that we maintain for each client, plus any extra software that they require. When your work is done and the computer delivered, the recipient will be ready to roll when they turn it on.

Who You'll Work With

You’ll be part of a small deployment team who work together to handle all the requests for new computers that come and go from clients and from our internal team.

You’ll have a lot of back and forth with our procurement specialists who take care of purchasing hardware and software licenses, and manage inventory. At times, you may be called on to help with shipping and receiving when these folks are in a pinch.

You’ll communicate with computer users at client companies as they get started with their new machines and talk them through any follow up steps that might be needed.

If you ever run into a snag in the course of getting a machine built, you’ll be able to call on the service team for help.

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What Success Looks Like

In this role, no news is often good news because it means that everything was set up properly and the employee could get to work immediately on their new machine. At the same time, when the end of the day comes, you’ll get a sense of accomplishment knowing that you and the team made progress down your list on the ticket board. On days when you need to step up the pace to help a client through an urgent matter or a big refresh, you’ll know that what you did made a difference.

Who's a Great Fit for This Role

You should have basic knowledge of computer hardware and software. You’re the kind of person who pays attention to details and makes sure nothing is missed. While this is a technical role, you won’t be strapped to a chair all day. You’ll be up and down as you orchestrate the setup of multiple computers that will be imaging at the same time. When things stack up, you don’t get frazzled. You’re good at adjusting priorities and not afraid to ask for help. People like to work with you because you’re a good communicator and you get stuff done.


How You Can Grow Your Career

Some people love this position and want to grow as the technology they work with changes. Others use this role as a steppingstone to a position on the service team where they can develop troubleshooting skills. We often have interns take on some responsibilities in the deployment team and combine it with other activities to provide an introduction to the managed IT service world.


What you’ll find at XPERTECHS is a team of technology specialists who love to help people. We value collaboration and communication, and the relationships that are naturally forged when people enjoy working together. The company is family owned and operated by two generations. There’s a transparency and open-door policy here that you won’t find in big corporations. Your input and contributions will be valued, and your work appreciated as you have a direct impact on client and company success.  

Qualifications We're Looking For

Minimum Requirements:

— Experience with configuring/building PCs

— Previous IT related training preferred

— Strong communicator

— Ability to plan and coordinate with clients and project management teams

— Good at organizing materials, tasks and priorities

— Committed to continuous learning

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Here's What Our Employees Say

Jon, Service Desk Lead

“I feel respected and cared for at XPERTECHS, especially compared to my previous company. They treat you like family and they’ve become great industry mentors for me. ” 


“Michael and Mike are transparent about the status of the company and what they expect of you. I don’t feel like I’ve ever been misled on anything.”

— Amber


“It’s not a giant corporation, it’s a small business and every decision that we make matters. I take a lot of pride knowing that everybody here makes a difference every day.”

— Alex

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