XPERTECHS' New Remote Backup Solution

Here are 6 BIG reason why we want to convert you over to our new BDR:

  1. ALL of your data is backed up CONTINUOUSLY throughout the day in 15 minute increments -- even open documents. That means if your server crashes, we can recover your work up to 15 minutes prior to the event.
  2. We AUTOMATICALLY back up all of your data to a highly-secure, off-site location. This eliminates the unreliability of tapes and external hard drives, and protects you if your office is destroyed by an earthquake, flood, fire, and even theft and human error.
  3. No more swapping tapes! Everything is done automatically.
  4. Should your server crash - or even get destroyed - we'll have a mirror copy of your server, with all the software and settings EXACTLY as you had them that can INSTANTLY become your virtual server. That means you won't be down for days while we rebuild your server!
  5. We can monitor this system 24-7 to make sure it's working. No 'unpleasant surprises' that your backups weren't working.
  6. This will save you a TON of money on offsite backup. This is what amazed me the most -- the price! To get this level of backup and security would normally cost thousands of dollars more, but this new system delivers it at a fraction of the price.

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