Signs It’s Time To Leave Your IT Provider (And Hire A New One)

June 11th, 2018
Signs It’s Time To Leave Your IT Provider (And Hire A New One)

Sometimes you find what seems like a pretty good IT provider for your company, but over time things may change. Service delivery may go from great to bad, and before you know it you are having more technical issues than ever before.

But, they don't seem to go away.

Usually, there are clear signs that it's time to start looking for a new organization to manage your company's IT network.

Here are a few tell-tale signs that it's time to move on from your current provider...

Slow Response

Have you noticed it's taking longer to get a call-back or response regarding a current issue? This may be a sign that the IT provider is having a hard time keeping up with the number of current clients.

If the organization is not adding more team members as they add more clients, there's a good chance their current team is going to become over worked, and this could affect how quickly they address your technology issues.

They Were Acquired By A Corporate Company

This happens to be one of the leading reasons that prospective customers are calling us.

Their current provider was great for many years, sold-out to a larger corporation, and now they are not getting the same level of service and care as they were in the past.

As one prospect (now current customer) best put it, "They have gotten too big for their own good."

This happens all the time. Larger, national-based IT and technology companies are buying smaller, local companies to acquire their assets, clients, and expand into that region. When this happens, you usually are not getting the opportunity to work with the same techs that you were used to for so many years. You are not getting the same level of support, yet you are paying the same monthly fees, if not more.

Yea, we agree... it's not right!

If you get that letter in the mail, or a phone call, from your current IT company stating that they have sold to a larger corporation and that they will now be managing your technology you should first talk to your current provider about the terms of your contract and how this acquisition will affect them.

Then, you need to decide if this new organization will be the best solution for your business.

Most of the time, it's not.

You Are Consistently Speaking With A Different Tech

Over the years, were you used to working with the same techs, but now it seems you get a different person every time you call? Did could be just a sign of their company growing, BUT it could also be a sign of high turnover. Which means, something internally is steering the wrong way with their organization. You should be able to work with people you know, and know you and your business systems. Sure, there are going to be new hires and days when someone is out sick, BUT if you are getting a different person every time you call it may be a sign of service issues in the future.

They Consistently Blame Another Vendor

Here is one of my favorites... No matter what the issue is, they always blame it on the internet provider, or your phone company, or the machine is not good enough. Basically, no matter what the issue is they will not take ownership if they cannot figure out how to fix it!

Now, many times it is that the internet is down at your location, or there is a hardware failure.

But, if these same issues keep occurring, shouldn't they be helping you find a reliable internet connection, OR maybe it's time to plan out a new phone system?

A good IT company will use their expertise to advise you on when it's time to search for new vendors, or maybe your equipment has reached its end-of-life and you should start planning upgrades. Your IT provider should not just be your "IT company" but your "Trusted IT Advisor."

Declining Ability To Solve Problems

Does it feel like your technical issues are never being solved or escalated to another engineer? This means that your IT company is hiring individuals that are not skilled in their service area, or the tech is not familiar with your environment. The technical service you are receiving is not world-class, and not helping your business.

Loss of Customer Service

This final sign ties all the previous ones together... a complete loss of customer service. If you find that you are not receiving the customer service you feel you deserve from your IT team, it's time to start researching new IT providers. There's no excuse for poor customer service.

Remember, before reaching out to new IT companies you should always review and understand the terms of your contract. Reputable IT providers only want to work with organizations that want to work with them, and will let you out of your contract early if requested. But, some will keep you locked in until the very end. Before signing on the dotted line with another provider, make sure your that your old contract is near it's end-term and that you have sent a written notification that you will not be resigning for services.