A Note From Michael’s Desk … May 2014

April 29th, 2014

Well, spring is finally here and what a blessing for all. Spring brings freshness to the air, warmer days, flowers and trees blooming, and an opportunity to get a new perspective on life. This is also true of our businesses. It’s a great time to focus on the ideas we planned on implementing this year and assess where we are with those initiatives to determine what areas need our attention.

So where are you with your business technology? Is there something you have been procrastinating or just not sure where you want to take your IT investment over the next few months? Well now is the time to consider Cloud Computing. Microsoft, Google, Amazon, RackSpace, etc., are all building out huge data centers to meet the demand for Cloud based services.

One of the hottest technologies is Office 365. Microsoft has been adding additional features and functionality at an alarming pace. Recently they have added Yammer and improved Lync – then they announced the addition of DocuSign – an e-Signature program that facilitates electronic exchanges of signed documents. Microsoft has really put together a great product offering for a very low bundled price. If you are not already using Office 365 then you need to take a look at this offering.

If you have not yet considered Cloud for your business, NOW is the time! During the month of May, we’re offering a FREE Cloud Readiness Assessment to any Baltimore Washington Corridor business with 20 or more PCs. At no cost or obligation, we’ll come to your office and conduct a complete review of your  computer network, data, software, hardware and how you work. From there, we’ll provide you with insights and helpful answers as to how you could benefit from cloud computing.

Give me a call if you are interested in a FREE Cloud Readiness Assessment to determine if your business is a good fit for Cloud Computing. You can also visit our website today: www.XPERTECHS.com/cloud-readiness-assessment/