Microsoft Releases iPhone Version of Office 365

Office-Mobile-iPhoneToday, Microsoft released their long awaited iPhone version of Office 365, called ‘Office Mobile.’ Similar to their Office Mobile for Windows phones, the iPhone app allows users to view and edit their Office content, while on-the-go. With a clean and smooth user interface, editing and saving your Office documents mobiley has never been easier. And, with the integration of SkyDrive, you can create new documents on your iPhone, and save them to later access on your PC, Mac, or tablet.

Setting up the app is as simple as downloading from the Apple App store, and entering your Office 365 subscription login information. Once you have completed those two steps, all of your Office 365 documents will be waiting for you in the palm of your hand!

To learn more about the Office Mobile app, view the video below from Microsoft. To learn more about Office 365, and how it can greatly benefit your business, call us today at 410-884-0225 or click here to contact us online.