If Disaster Strikes, How Fast Could Your Company Be Backing Up And Running?

March 29th, 2013

While it’s impossible to plan for every potential computer disaster or emergency, there are a few easy and  inexpensive measures you can put into place that will help you avoid the vast majority of computer disasters you could experience.

1. Make sure you Are Backing Up Your  System. It just amazes me how many businesses never back up their computer network.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone permanently!

2. Perform A Complete Data Restore To Make Sure your Backups Are Working Properly. Many business owners set up some type of backup system, but then never check to make sure it’s working properly.  The WORST time to “test” your backup is after a disaster has happened and you desperately need it!

3. Keep An Offsite Copy Of Your Backups. What happens if a fire or flood destroys your server AND the backup tapes or drive?  What happens if your office gets robbed and they take EVERYTHING?  Having an offsite backup is simply a smart way to make sure you have multiple, redundant copies of your data!

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